the Beeb needs to adopt a Ch4 model, some say makes sense

publicly owned but entirely funded by advertising, seems to be working well for Ch4

what’s the Beeb’s usp, they make Doctor Who, Strictly and what else

biased news broadcasting, heavily government centric, open to abuse by an incompetent government, open to falsity by a dangerous government

we need to keep things people owned (not state owned, the state is the people)

this is what is meant by nationalisation, I don’t like the word personally, I prefer publicly owned

this removes the greedy little fingers of the billionaires from our property, they’re stealing it from us, watch what they do

they privatise, commercialise, consumerise, capitalise, and antagonize

they start on the poorest, the oldest, the youngest, the disabled, we could go on and on

once they’ve done that they will move to the middle ground of people, they will take your house, your wages, your jobs, your retirement plan, see what Brexit did to the average ex-pat (not the rich ones)

this is not a “one rule for them, another for the rest” situation, they’re like predators taking our lives slowly from us, this is what fascists do, they turn on themselves eventually

which side are we on again, the side our ancestors fought on, or the fascists that lost

maybe our ancestors were the fascists that lost, maybe they were the fascists that won, sobering thought

how would we know, they rewrite history in their image, try to destroy whatever came before, “capitalism is the best we’ve got, how else do we govern exchange safely”

socialism is how we govern exchange safely, capitalism’s success is built on the premise that infinite growth is possible, this is clearly a disastrous approach, climate crisis

the earth will continue to warm, permafrost and glaciers will continue to melt, oceans will continue to suffocate, this is the gift of capitalism

do we believe a god will save us from the fires burning through our lands, because an old book told us, foolish behaviour

when the climate crisis evidence is literally burning down our house, do we say lovely weather we’re having, or do we wish we’d listened to the experts and saved ourselves long before this

a wise Buddhist once said to me to free myself from samsara as though my head was on fire, I have yet to realise such a determined mind

anyway, public ownership is better than non-dom/foreign billionaires privately owning our media, it’s cheaper in the long run, what a blessing Ch4 is, isn’t it

– Snomar Janjanson-Smithe, 2022

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

not another bloody rant about the state of the country, fm don't they have anything else to say