it’s hard to find a perfect someone, especially online, anything anyone writes is only a small fraction of their overall character

if we don’t consider this then we run the risk of making a fool of ourselves

I have chosen to think this way to see what would happen to my mind

I saw a lot more suffering, there are so many that suffer more than me, simple fact, provable repeatedly with physical evidence, completely quantifiable

there are more people suffering than me, and only a few better off than me, this inequality has got more pronounced as I’ve aged, this is not a good sign, this we need to address

on what basis do I suppose my great importance, a deluded pride that exaggerates my perceived good qualities without verifiable evidence

I once had a job interview in which the interviewer asked “what would you say were your best qualities?”

“my best quality is that I know the limitations of things, and I know the limitations of capitalism, planetary biome destruction and extinction”, I didn’t get the job

in reality when asked such a vapid question I tend to just stare like I have no idea what was asked, how do you answer such a question, surely the only valid answer is the one that was taught to you by a poor teacher once, showing off you were indoctrinated by the same fallacious theories

who wins, the liars or the decent folk, the deluded mind or the “want to be” enlightened

desiring the goal of peace and enlightenment is a deeply personal experience, only perceived before any possessor of mind

call it what we want, doesn’t matter, the meaning of this very subtle mind is failed by labelling

before invention, idea, concept and conception, there is always something else connected to it

in any direction of space or time we can only see objects that arise in dependence upon other things, I await proof to the contrary

since once a phenomenon has been labelled it has passed beyond the label, no object exists beyond its labelling

to see phenomena as inherently existing would be incorrect, not possessing any evidence either way, perfect superpositioned state, Schroedinger’s cruel analogy

I like quantum theory, the mechanics part is big maths to me, I tend to leave that to the experts, what other use is there for mathematicians (experimental physics vs the theoreticians)

shame one of the best writers upset many people that struggle more than them, looks like punching down, it looks cruel

(fire your pr company, they’re managing to ruin your career, not all publicity is good publicity)

I just want to see Bill Bailey acting in more stuff, he’s a proper star

– Doti Mithowlin-Brow, 2020

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could a good comedy writer come up with something starring Bill Bailey