there's the sun,
there's the moon,
there's failed Ceres,
mourning the pull of June.

not like brother Mars,
or sisters, Venus or Terra,
stuck next to daddy,
just being the one starer.

dark in the corner,
shunned by it's siblings,
hidden from it's conqueror,
saved from the beatings.

I don't bow to god's like Jupiter,
I'm human, I think, so there,
I can outwit your wit easily,
but I cower in your glare.

is that what the almighty wants,
all living things to extinction,
why has compassion become tiring?
¿have we given in to the talentless buffoon?

no never, we're clever,
citing great long dead scholars,
we have lineage, even to spinach,
all shared with your wife.

we dance like little fairies,
and you give us some life,
why bother, godfather,
you just want your wife.

can't have her, she's mother,
the beautiful goddess earth,
we will defend her against tyrants,
both foreign and morally dearth.

you're foreign old Jupiter,
a long distant horror,
stay distant, she warns you,
we have our Ra.

so massive he shines,
pines for nobody,
he just likes posing,
knowing he's somebody.

he's useful, gives power,
and better for your wife,
we have the moon, our sibling,
far better for the nightlife.

the history of our system,
is born perfectly for us,
in incalculable improbability,
we can seek bodhisattvas.

look for the compassionate,
look for the peace,
find it in others,
and may it never decrease.

so Ceres, didn't know you,
you seemed really quite interesting,
but you didn't make it,
should've taken up planetary wrestling.

– Serenity Tsamcho, 2022

dedicated to all

paying supremely respectful glance to great outcast of djinn, oathbound destroyer of all despair, beholder of forever lost memories, storyteller of the fire lakes and razor trees, fearless teacher of uncontrolled desire, bloodgod of the beasts, ice giants, dark faes, those of the shadows, light dancers, wise ones, great oceans of serenity, long passed from the sorrow, great imaginer of no suffering, bodhisattva, tathagata, forever radiant Buddha.

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