I’m not too old, the first one I remember is second to last,

Thatcher comes in at a lowly #6.

I’ve known of 7 in my life of noticing government, so here’s the rundown from best to worse,

I should add that when I mean best, I mean relative to the rest,

best doesn’t necessarily mean support, I’m closest to green and we’ve never had a green pm:

at #1: Gordon Brown, boring, serious, and calls a bigot a bigot, should’ve got credit for that, I agreed.

at #2: John Major, I know a tory (fuck), but again, boring, serious, and was a lot better than Thatcher, so relatively speaking a relief. (but a tory will always be a tory, thieves of the nation’s wealth.)

at #3: Tony Blair, charismatic, media friendly, a red tory though, and jointly responsible for the war of aggression in the middle-east, but he did make the country feel good about itself.

at #4: Theresa May, stilted, odd, callous, typical older style tory thief, tried not to completely bugger up our trade with EU and save the GFA of NI, but was also the architect of the Windrush crime, so a racist, and failed in a party of racists and xenophobes.

at #5: David Cameron, had some charisma to some, porked decapitated pigs heads (allegedly), held a non committal referendum of UK membership of the EU, and fucked it up, then ran away. Wrote a book in a travellers cab, ironic when you consider what #7’s regime is now doing to traveller peoples.

at #6: Margret Thatcher, the milk snatcher, the architect of grief, the core reason being a tory is such an incredibly cruel and heartless thing to support. She’s a legend, like the snake in Eden, the tempter of the virtuous, the rot at the core of UK politics. She was one hell of a leader, if wanting to be led into the clutches of hell is where you unwittingly wanted to go. Selfish individualistic false ideologies, most of which were proven to be wrong even before her time. She is the template all tories aspire to, she is their goddess, chunder chucks chunks!

least of all #7: Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, “…cunt, utter cunt, complete and utter cunt…”, as paraphrased from what was said at the time. A known criminal, lying and defrauding the people, responsible for the deaths of nearly 200,000 of his own people to a pandemic, deliberately put vulnerable older people into care homes and watched as 10,000 of them died, partying against his own rules during this. This man should never have been let near any political influence, let alone be made prime minister. He managed to destroy the tory party, sacrificed state security whilst foreign secretary (I believe some might call it treason), and populated the cabinet with the worst the party had to offer. In his reign he also managed to decimate international relations, accept funding from a hostile nation, continues to allow the sale of arms to tyrants, and embezzle state assets into untouchable offshore accounts, and remove human rights such as peaceful protest from the people, a fascist dictator bred by a cowardly little family of cunts.

so there you have it, my take on it, just opinion, I make no sources to these as this is all from memory, so it ain’t necessarily fact, I may be wrong.

this run down gives the impression of equidistance, it isn’t,

out of a scale 1 to a 1000, where 1000 is worst and 1 is King fucking Arthur,

Johnson comes in at 888, only worst are the demons of hell,

Brown comes in the top 150, pretty good, as Major is in the 200s

Cameron and May come in the 300s with Blair,

so to me at least, Johnson is a high security risk enemy of the British people, and he needs exorcising like the demon he is.

all views expressed are opinions, so don’t sue me.

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in my memory the order of historic prime ministers