what if the gaming servers are machine learning megalithic platforms?

should I be concerned that these systems are creating a dangerous narrative for children?

are the machines learning the right things from us, are we teaching them that we like violence and explosions we all survive from?

if this is the case then this is what we teach the next generation, is this tendency to violent thoughts dangerous?

the question does not ask if it should be banned, the question is “is society not deprived of freedom to learn”.

a begged question, of course it depends on whether you’ve seen the answer first.

so if you know the answer then the question isn’t a question, it’s a statement.

does this concept have a symbol for something that sounds like a question when in reality it’s a statement without exclamation?

¿ do you think there is ?

it’s quite pretty that exclamation, very rounded, not sure it means that in Spanish but I don’t speak Spanish, they seem like good people like us, generally.

¿what if everyone else is a good person too, just like us?

language and history play a part, but all of us are far more than just name, rank and serial number, all labels by any other name.

this will be the death of this part of my life, I am changing into someone else, always have been but I only just noticed, heh.

I am now resolidifying a sense of a single I from the shattered parts of my old life, the one I seem to find so hard to let go of.

maybe others feel the same, this is normal, if you like normalising stuff?

I think normalisation only makes sense mathematically, it cannot be applied to living beings accurately.

biology is clear and experimentally vigorous enough for me to accept the majesty of life.

I have little reason to place faith in a monarch (you’re majesty) that cannot respect this most basic of human beliefs, that we’re alive and that’s actually amazing.

alive because of a biosphere perfectly tuned to human survival, look how many there are of us now.

capable of surviving for longer outside our own mother planet, amazing.

but all we’ve found so far is that there are no aliens out there trying to contact us, we’re alone in this sense.

what if you believe in aliens, I respect this belief, it does make mathematical sense, albeit as the answer to a begged question.

mathematics is as prone to illogical premises as many other common human misapprehensions.

my joy sees peace, this may not be the case for everyone.

some don’t have the basics of human requirements, heat and food, people need these to survive, a government that fails to make this it’s priority becomes a fascist regime.

¿are we a fascist regime yet?

we’re looking too much like one right now, steady on Britian, the bloody posh bosh are winning, we’re turning into nazis, the bloody fool, crazed minded, selfish narcissistic gobshite gohnsoon.

he sees shadows in the corners of his eyes, he has done for a while now.

the shadows seem to be creepy towards the middle of the room now, he sees them but is trying to ignore them, this is a crazed mind.

a true hero would never lay down before their own demons, if you feel angry, be angry at your own anger, show it who is boss, eh.

online gaming is just what it is, gaming, and when used in conjunction with education can be powerful.

it’s as much a benefit for all living beings, the humans are just slightly different from most, we perform miracles as mere animals.

as gods we fall woefully short, we aren’t even above 1.0 on Kardashev scale, arrogance does not become us.

as an aside, when I just typed Kardashev the autocorrect wanted to use Kardashian, who is Kardashian?

did Kardashian do something amazing then, fair enough, if you would enlighten me on what that was I would be grateful, they’re not doing anything worthwhile at the mo?

if I think malicious thoughts towards others, does this cause subtle harm that drives them to seem like the enemy.

be careful who you choose to take on in this battle, there are some who have been defending this realm for a long time, they’re not so easy to kill.

some are the progenitors of our beliefs in love and compassion, joy and happiness, peace amongst all living things.

these I choose as my guides, those capable of giving enlightenment to others, these are my teachers.

all faiths have their teachers, Buddha is my teacher (or at least he started it off).

do your teachers tell stories of wisdom, peace, joy, refuge from manifest suffering, give food and shelter, and are the carers, family, friends of all of us.

so online gaming is irrelevant, yes, it’s irrelevant, a massive dead cat dumped in the middle of the table, all rotten and disturbing (Johnson Book of Gasfudgery, The Collected Journo-fictions of Boris Johnson, <never written>).

the truth sits with us all the time if we bothered for one moment to take notice of just “how fucked up is fucked up”, Tory Britian is imploding and it’s taking us all with it, kicking and screaming if it has to.

but wait a bit longer in the drifting thoughts, don’t follow them, they’re the path to the dark side of the force, if you like that sort of thing.

lovely movies, not really a good basis for a religious belief though, is it?

it seems to require the existence of laser-swords and misaligned laser-pistols, sound like a health and safety nightmare.

health and safety is a good thing, your life would be in the hands of your employer alone in this situation, very fascist.

so health and safety is good for most of us, but cuts into the minority rich owners of our labours profit margins, boo hoo!

poor little rich kids, once a bully, always a bully, bet their parents, guardians or solo parents are so chuffing proud of their little gobshites.

¿are you proud of nanny’s little toff, back to the homeland ay tory, why would rich people care about poor people?

when they don’t we have creeping fascism, even at the subtlest levels, some humourous injustices, making it ok to poke at people who struggle, eh in ya jer-face.

careful who you call friend, they may support an apartheid regime.

some great people have sadly failed to see which side of history it’s worth being on, fascism, apartheid, corrupt politicians, failure to represent the people who pay (some of) their wages.

I’m N A Ï V E, I’m N A Ï V E, I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m N A Ï V E (https://youtu.be/jVKXfUIisiw).

I don’t know suffering like those who have no home, family or food, and how do these disenfranchised people get to exercise their democratic rights?

they don’t, you know why they don’t, please do tell, I’m certain I could rip your argument into shreds that will cut just short of destroying your sense of self altogether.

this is why they imprison protestors, it will be intellectuals, different thinkers, socialists, or some other arbitrary trait made up by fascists to ensure their continued rule.

the rich are fast becoming a hated class, do the rich think they can starve the people and the people won’t do something very bad eventually, like die en masse from a state sanctioned cull of undesirables.

the rich need to stop this forever take, forever horde, people are dying while you sit (for whatever fucking stupid reason you were given as a child) on vast wealth that could transform the lives of every human on the planet (and some).

I pray that the rich really help, before it is too late to save any of us.

– Tsamcho Vetala, 2022

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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