» ∞-∞=∞ = 0 ¿?

scale invariance?

doesn’t matter how big or small it is.

conformal field theory?

m-theory sounds like a 90s socially aware funk soul dance combo.

CFT and ya membranes don’t make human sense, how does this relate to me and my experiences?

do I need a degree in physics just to get a basic handle on this view point, I do but it was never really my thing.

supersymmetry and holographic universes?

it’s source is infinitely far away projecting inwards to our give the appearance of our 3D surface, dunno?

is seeing the truth of ourselves in an observable universe more significant than being an infinitely small region of many observable realities?

is realising this wisdom something that make us truly significant, can this be found without others?

we need others, they define who we are to them, I am nobody for example.

just an infinitely far aware surface projecting inwardly, assuming its all coming from my mind projecting outwardly, and with both being simultaneously true.

so I think it’s me perceiving the universe from my center of all observations, my mind?

the reality being it’s others that define my existence here, and it appears they all need help.

so I advise prayer.

science is all well and good but if a hangry bear tears down my door looking for food how am I gonna survive?

if we have nothing to pray to, then pray to nothing that it becomes something, it’s your projected mind after all.

pray to your teachers,
your scientists,
pray to your leaders,
your gurus, please!

please listen to me,
people are suffering,
please help,
people are dying, right now!

right now, see others,
they are suffering,
right now, they need help,
they are dying, say a prayer!

say a prayer for the hungry,
give them food, fool,
say a prayer for the poorest,
give them resources, give me strength!

give me strength to bare suffering,
it will happen in this world,
give me strength to carry on,
it will come, the pain, regardless.

regardless of my pain,
we carry on regardless,
regardless of obstructions,
we carry out pain, times up.

times up on our good health,
gone with our age,
times up on our world,
gone with our body, now rest.

now rest,
you're tired,
now rest,
find peace.

anyway, PBS Space Time on YouTube is a really good watch for one qualified in the sciences, the presenter’s got a good manner about him too.

– Alperbt De Ptertachithec, 2022

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infinity + infinity = infinity [∞+∞=∞]