euphemism is used by many of us to hide something we consider inappropriate for public consumption

this is Marlan Rikilb, one day he will take control of all the means of production and redistribute wealth to all his followers, he will be partisan and will discriminate, his arrogance will kill billions, not really it’s a stock image of someone’s kids they allowed to be used for publicly accessible nonsense

the acquisition of capital is full of this type of subterfuge

is it a charm class, module or skit at the fee paying schools

tax is to ensure the balance of power never ends up in the hands of the rich few

governments must be democratically accountable at all times, not just at elections

look at the bright future I’m trying to convince you will come, it’s up there in the dark corner of the room, where the man in the hat stands, he’ll keep you safe at night as he watches you sleep

how could we achieve such an amazing thing, we came up with an NHS, social housing, nationally owned essential services

we pay the tax, we get to say what stays and what goes

no one in the government is qualified to ensure this happens, disaster capitalism is hardly a sustainable methodology, it eats itself in the end

it burns the future of all our children, including their own

the queen of capital burns her own people to power their hot tubs

no mountain is going to be safe from being consumed by the encroaching ecological disaster

whether it’s man made or not, doesn’t matter now, it’s happening

just watch, the earth is changing, and I think it’s going to be a quick one

then a very slow build to a point we could get to right now, if we choose to recognise the suffering of each other

genetically engineered butterfly, when it’s wings flap people grow a heart and realise the persecution they threw at each other was entirely orchestrated by a few unscrupulous people

if you fight, you will always fight

if we hate without contemplating the results of hating, we will always hate

adversion or attraction, either way it only results in more suffering

morality and faith works for some as a starting point

logic and reason works for others

a few prefer deceit and betrayal

this is Knob, he’s in a mob, he likes his job, his friend is Bob, he’s not a nob, but he likes the slob, and paves all in gob

thankfully even fewer go the whole hog with death and destruction

whose, who are thankfully fewest of all believe themselves to be entitled to rule

no one is entitled to rule, even the leaders

you want to be ruled, go find your leader, and be led

Caplan the dog liked being on his lead, it gave him a sense of belonging and safety, 2 hours after this photo he was slaughtered for his meat, Caplan took rebirth in one of the heavens, he is happy now leashed to a god’s hand and being ordered to pish on nonbelievers

look for answers in the right questions, what do I really want my life to be

it is sad that so many people do not know peace

are the horrifying actions the leaders choose recognised for their horror

I know there is a mind so dark that even this is ignored as irrelevant to them

Smiten Jamaker plays his visiocambalam to a deer shortly before a micrometeorite slammed through his the back of his oversized left hand

they will not be reasoned with, they will know the fears that they meated out on others one day, just maybe not today

if they wish to feel safe and secure in their haven from hell, prison is a perfect place to keep them

isn’t theft a crime, what’s the statute of limitations on invaded lands, or is this not theft, tell that to the old colonies

if a leader violently ejects you from your land, enslaves you through elitist economics, and indoctrinates your offspring into believing there’s no other way, then I’d say it’s a lot more than theft

Sami Hurguvalove stifles her laughter when her narcissistic friend tells her she has an incurable hair disorder, her hair will later become CEO of the largest follicle charity on the planet

legally speaking it looks like the successful execution of a war of aggression, against the law that was internationally agreed upon by us

I’m told it’s simplistic to see things this way, I agree, because it’s simplistic, invented by an inadequate mind, the village idiot, the king’s fool

jiggles jiggle jiggle jiggles jiggle jiggles

there will be people who read this and know what I say is a true reality, some won’t

this is Travis the monkey, he is the grand master of the order of universal light and biscuits, he is nothing more than a puppet leader, his strings are being pulled by another more clandestine power

it’s not my nature to wish to destroy, this is just the delusion carried in my mind that gives rise to anger and hatred, it gives rise to the appearance of cryptids

the delusion is this uncontrolled mind

it’s like lust, although lust is a lot less damaging than hate, “…make love not war…”

I know this mind well, it’s fun

Tiny Man waits for the Giant Hand to crown him king of the mold, his subjects will one day accidentally step on him and not even notice

but it always ends in grief, this is being human I’m told

platitudes I can do without, reading little books on self kindness while the elderly neighbour slowly freezes to death, whilst starving, it’s not a good look for anyone

how far can the mind of this kind go, will the pm be found dead one day, verdict death by autofellacio (don’t google that, nsfw)

death by #metafellacio, hah

autofellacio nsfw, office chairs are not designed for it, and your coworkers will be uncomfortable if you do it

what if I’m a bot, would I pass the Turing test, if I am then I’m a living one, and I’m dying

many are dying whilst the rich buy community communication hubs, space flight, interplanetary colonisation

since money only means something if everyone agrees it means something, then why not let the rich bog off to mars, cuz it’s our resources they’re using

they’re quite literally causing the problem they’re trying to save themselves from, pollute the planet that your trying to flee from

Smilkle De La Ponce holding up the weight of the world, close friend of Atlas the Pointless

I’m staying on earth, it’s nicer here than there, or because I cannot afford to save myself

those that wish to take our resources and blast themselves into space are truly the most selfish of all

eradicate global hunger, poverty and disease, help all without any exception

do it gladly, happily, you’re now doing all you can to ensure peace, stopping all minds of hatred is the only way

Grappulla the Moment takes down yet another opponent, they will one day become world president and abolish all green food

tabloid writes about pm getting distracted by a person’s legs, whilst thousands die in a week from a known controllable virus

the sickness comes from the top, not the bottom

those that have been granted power are the ones causing the most destructive problems

vote them out, protest them out (the law has been dictated to regarding this, it’s therefore irrelevant, protest is a human right, never forget this)

Rupurts Ballbag indoctrinates the latest batch of obedients in a forever war of control over nature, he’ll die an old and lonely man hated for eternity

human rights above any political concept, human rights are not for the government to decide, any government that attempts to circumvent this is in breach of these and must be stopped

this government is doing this, this government is trying to trick you, hey old folks the fascists are back and they’re in charge of your country, what’re you gonna do

remember your folks fought these people and won, if you give in to them then you disrespect your parents sacrifices, shame on you, shame on your children, shame on your grandchildren

fart cloud, hah

you’re good people, good people will not put fascists in charge, will they

the way of the compassionate mind will always be the more rewarding path

wealth dies when we die, this is no reward for a lifetime of work

our children carry on, our grandkids, their future happiness

they’re coming for you, the false happinesses, they’ll convince you you’re happy with mind altering soft toys

but if we allow them to win, we all lose, even the fascists, they eat themselves up in the end

– Serenity Tsamcho, Scia Vetala, 2022

the dirty little clickbait did what, you'll never guess the top 7, psych