what’s our evidence for what we believe, belief needs some kind of evidence

if we say it’s the experience of a higher truth, then this is anecdotal evidence at best

look back through history, freedom seems to be generously spread amongst a particular elite

the elite change, the others become divided

the elite diminish, the champions of the others become the elite

the elite start to divide and organise, becoming hierarchical, until they divide too far and the top starts to fall

to the capitalist system this is the worship of the acquisition of external wealth

pleasure, fame, gain and praise, four of the worldly concerns

pain, insignificance, loss, and blame are desired to be avoided, sometimes at all costs

what do leaders fear; being blamed, losing their power, being powerless, and their suffering

the suffering is what’s common to all of us

it’s the suffering our minds experience, the ones we’re always trying to avoid, like the “being dead” one, that’s a killer

we’re born, it wasn’t fun for anyone, but someone had to do it, and someone had to be born

we grow and catch colds, flu, measles, mumps, sars, pneumonia, heart failure, diabetes, skin cancer, pulmonary toxicity, more cancer, hospice, death

some don’t get the hospice, but illness can happen very fast, sometimes there isn’t time to think

sometimes it happens when we didn’t even notice, such is human life

it’s too short to do anything really meaningful to the universe

leave the universe be, start within

does HD1 bare any resemblance to your experience of life

as long as we only look outside we will miss what is happening on the inside

why should only the rich achieve this basic tenet of Buddhists

taking away someone’s right to be at spiritual peace is discrimination

this desire for peace is in many more religions than just Buddhism, I have listened to a lot of people now

humanitarian understanding also, at least by the ones I know, humanism maybe

Buddha recognised the suffering of all living beings, not just humans

socialism++ if views were a programming languages created by a fool

socialism is an attempt at political codification of basic principles that maintains and sustains the balance of humans, the earth and all living things

hard to sustain a population when the ground is poisoned by sewage water

hard to survive when the island starts to shrink around us, getting rid of people is not the answer

imagine a film scene in which shipwrecked passengers are trying to clamber on to a life raft, those on it are allowing the deaths of the others to save the few

is this right thinking, no it’s deluded thinking

all is appearance to mind, nothing more

this wisdom is born of peace, find peace in your breath, if you’re lucky enough to have some

so much suffering must come to an end now

we’re all on this sinking raft, and no one else is trying to get on

we need solidarity with others who suffer

we need to recognise our own suffering

it’s through this recognition that we start the process of peace

find all those that suffer, help if you can, it’s your duty, you’re country needs you

remove those at the top that seek only their own gratification

may they never see the power to harm others again

the human predator always ends up feasting on itself in the end, hominids have been known to eat their own in times of starvation

I sometimes fear death, then I remember that it will definitely happen at some point and there’s fuckall I can do about it

if that’s not bad enough, sometimes we get absolutely no warning

calm, peace, focus on your breath, take refuge in something that no one can destroy

I’ll leave that one for your own beliefs, but please go to your refuge in peace

– Serenity Tsamcho, 2022

born knowing they were destined to die