to the loyal leavers

I would like to pay respects,

not to your belief,

but your specs:

you believe we’re better off

not being warm in winter,

starving children

deprived of dinner?

that a child fleeing in fear,

deserves to drown off a pier!

this is not my people,

this is not us.

the government is not ours,

we were financially invaded by moscow.

thanks to brexit,

the depravity that just keeps taking.

started with blair courting favour over there,

gave putin the boostin’

they both shared.

not stopped by bush,

and the eu didn’t notice.

so here we are brits,

where are your bits?

your gumption,

your compassion,

your peculiar fashion?

paint our faces blue,

red and white too,

shout in english,

like americans do.

biden is old,

but he seems ok, I’m told,

it’s more about the democrats,

than who’s the president,

away with popularity politics.

all bollocks isn’t it.

in an ideal world

leaders are boring,

almost invisible,

rarely talking,

actively listening.

they just get the stuff done,

representing proportionally everyone.

brexits only benefit has been

the destruction of the tory regime,

now on show,

to the whole world,

taking the country as it goes.

so why is starmer so bad

with the numbers?

he wins by default,

sits back watching the tories implode,

taking the fucking country with them!

maybe I don’t understand the politics

of pillocks that don’t represent me,

but that’s my right,

freedom of speech

gbeebies screech.

the remoaners,

the ruiners by truth,

the one’s that told ’em

leaving was wrong,

they even had proof.

now it’s happening,

just as remoaner prophesied.

must be their fault,

all the lockdowns that saved us,

the vaccine rolled out

by medical science,

not boris!

he gave them your tax money,

they helped us,

we clapped them, buddy!

they ask for fair treatment,

tories still want to crush’em.

so the putin puppets

were persuaded

by rubles and footy palaces

to sell off our assets

for promises of big phalluses.

do you believe in the sunlit uplands?

the golden sunset of empire?

brexit was a trick,

smoke and mirrors

fait accomplete.

now let’s reclaim our land

from the tory bastards

that maggie birthed out,

let compassion guide us.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the holy brexit