the powerful wanted something else instead,

as they did in the name of empire,

they hammer us all on the heads.

the world thinks britain’s a joke,

this is not from the woke,

but international reports

the powerful like to poke.

so you think all 70 million odd brits,

can take the world on and blitz?

most of us have never voted for the tories,

first past the post’s old story,

here’s a mathematical clue:

if government doesn’t represent proportional view,

how is it democratic,

does it represent you?

if no, then talk to the pr eu,

the one’s that wanted the rich

to pay their tax dues.

so the rich went all out,

spent 44 billion on some bird,

spaffed it all up the wall,

for the promise of a fascist turd.

global fascism isn’t something I want,

do you?

I’m against all violence,

but I will defend against tyrants.

in the darkness…

{..I’m no secret..}

{..just eat your biscuit..}

{..let the rich boys sort it all out..}

I will mistrust them forever,

the right wing thinks they’re clever

they get no smiles,

no hellos,

only sadness for their trials.

for they choose to allow murder,

war mongers, old cutters,

evolution is leaving them behind.

it may be a million years,

the demise of homo sapiens,

maybe usurped by sex

into giving birth to one of them?

the true survivers,

“..the meek shall inherit the earth..”

the kindest,

the most forgiving,

the compassionate

superior beings.

do you want to be old tory?

gop glory grand story?

putin’s buddies,

qatar rights abuses,

bbc please report it

might be a big bag of shit.

so kindness

the superior choice,

compassion of the great ones,

everyone has a voice.

no one is shut down.

but I don’t have to hear

what you’d do to a deer,

just keep the effin noise down.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

you wanted kindness