do you believe it, or is this view possibly wrong

who’s view, yours or mine

what makes your view right, whilst mine you say is wrong

where do you think all the kindness comes from

from those that look at the stars, wondering what they are

it’s in the heart of music, dance and song, that kindness of others

allowing such things to flourish in society is kindness, these are human things not other

it’s existence and subsistence is born of our love of them, we’re patrons of the arts, arse, who said art had to be elitist, exclusive, special, requires a module in art history (boring elitist nonsense), and who thinks that they can hold a word hostage in the net

let it go boy, no one needs your #metamemic arsehattery

copyright a word, wow, imagine how much money Shakespeare could’ve made, nonsense

when did capitalism become our state religion, rid us of ideology in politics

unquestioned ideology is not well favoured

find the burning in the world and do all to help quench it, even if all you have left is prayer, for some of us that’s all that’s left, people are dying in the world, dying of things they should’ve had a fighting chance to avoid

hunger and poverty, should be one word, they mean the same thing together as they do apart,, nevermind

I love him for his sake;
And yet I know him a notorious liar,
Think him a great way fool, solely a coward;
Yet these fix’d evils sit so fit in him
That they take place when virtue’s steely bones
Looks bleak i’ th’ cold wind; withal, full oft we see
Cold wisdom waiting on superfluous folly.

William Shakespeare

If any of these words are not already domain names, they definitely should be, I will have such a laugh when they start buying them, I might not end up rich but it’s sure funny to see them appear before my eyes, only value is to me, and it’s value is so low, thousands of pounds, shove it up the old proverbial

buy them, the Dickens out of them, then they won’t mean much if you’re not the real author, can you withstand the argument with those that believe in you, hey

use others words by all means, but be careful you understand their author’s meaning, or do you nobble them for your own fancy

our enlightened heartminds don’t want to experience what that might mean

no, lost you, ok anyway, the uk government stinks, don’t vote for them, vote for whoever will get them out

they were tested by facists and plague, and they were shown to be cowardly ignoramuses, they needed a socially responsible grown up, not a playboy

still we let him pass through, explaining he’s a feckless buffoon who shouldn’t be trusted, so we trusted him

I didn’t, nor did many, how is such an incompetent politician and poor excuse for a human ever going to be a problem

surely no one will put him in charge of a government department, that would be reckless

they did it anyway, they saw the Tzars hold, and then went in their

just keep a look out for the true gods of this corrupt world, the end-blind investers, the old families, the ideological conquerors, emperors of the earth, the of living minds

they wash their hands of blame because they choose not to investigate their investments for breaches of human rights

they’re anti-human rights, prove not to me, prove to those that doubt them, how do you think we’ll trade with good people if we’re the nation of global law breaking, only the dictatorships, despots, and facists will talk to us

this is not my country anymore, I’m proud to say, patriotic you may even mention, that holding to the human rights was and still is a good idea

fail to and surely the powerful will just take them away from us bit by bit, until we have nothing else to lose, is that when we boot them where it hurts, they’re bulging dangley purse sacks

if I encouraged people to protest, but be quiet, you may get arrested

see what they do to political prisoners that call them out, this is what fascists do, they make pacts with other fascists, do deals to keep their murderous fascist secrets

if you ever wonder sometimes that your views may be a little, let’s say, fascist, then I suggest you’re probably a fascist

if you find yourself being manipulated by the media to be scared then you’re being manipulated by a fascist, billionaire bully beef boy

their fascism is subtle, they’re systemic like all of us caught in this ideological web waiting to be eaten by the spiderworms

huddling under the covers, the shadow man is out there, he can’t get under the covers, let’s hope he’s a ghost and not human, hmm

facism should be a ghost, a spectre from a dark past, never to be reminisced but reviled

resurrecting this ghost is so dangerous that it will destroy human lives in such numbers that the sea will rise with tears before the meltwater rises

insects no longer help with crops, they’ve gone, now they’re fertilised by the blood of the dead

this is the future for your descendants, this is what we’re all leaving them with, we must stop

listen to the campaigner, don’t silence, jail, or demonize them, they’re our saviours now

they’re trying to help, please listen to them, be the one that listens, and shut the fuck up

– Doti Mithowlin-Brow, 1981

the permafrost is melting and releasing potential plagues