what happens to slaves when they’re no longer productive to their masters

they’re left to die by removing all support, this is where greed leads to

the masters don’t care, the underclass aren’t human, they’re the uneducated, unproductive and worn out, if they can work make them or withdraw their food and shelter

supporting this are the complicit workers, those that can work, the favourites, the ones that get the scraps from the big table, threatened all the time with sanctions

should they be angry, should they fight back

why bother when the alternative condones the system

the powerful leaders tell the chained they’re free people, all the time leeching their worth for the acquisition of delusion wealth

who will they lord over when we’re all dead, parasites

if this is living I pray I die peacefully soon, what’s the point if my child will experience the same, what’s the point if my grandchildren will never play in the sun

what’s the point

– The Touched MeMe, 2022

TW it doesn't end well