to uphold traditional ways of doing things,

whatever they may be.

but why do some who call themselves conservative,

choose to dismantle traditional things such as the NHS.

of course privateer health won’t understand that,

so they will happily pull apart our planet.

they’ve been doing it so long we’re complicit,

how stupid can stupid get?

what do you think the traditional bbc of old radio would say about TVs heyday?

what did the first pensioners to experience the NHS feel anyway?

these moments in British history now ruined by the traditional treachery.

to me I’m conserved about the waste we produce,

the energy we use,

the concern that nature is going away.

I have little reason to feel joy at what tomorrow’s child will inherit,

we didn’t stop the terrorist ideology, the neoliberalist’s ultimate dream,

“..the trumpian tory bully boys of harrah balls deep!.”

if one was so inclined to advise,

which I’m not as I’m to decline in favour of peace of mind,

but, if you so wish to confront these abominable demagogues,

then remember that your peace is the shield,

your compassion, your word.

just one vision among many,

choose yours carefully.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

repurposing a conservative