they’d be the first that drove no others away,

they’re the ones that cared.

pulled us away from being scared,

knew how to sustain until the others came.

the ones that took, by stealth and steel.

they’re the invaders, the law breakers,

the criminals who stole my meal!

they made the police attack innocent people,

they always made them attack the guiltless.

it’s how you spot them, look who’s manipulating the police person.

the police are another scapegoat for the powerful to use against people,

including the police themselves.

“..police are people too..”

should they be punished?

is allowing yourself to be used a reasonable defence?

“ hurt people, you allowed the people to be hurt, this debt must be paid..”

but let’s try compassion and wisdom instead of degradation and lies.

“ death penalty!.”, the desperate cried,

as they carted a woman off for being a witch.

their cries are eclipsed by the dirt in their eyes,

the decades of slime, wine, good times, and good byes.

“..have you seen the darkness in their whys?.”

“..have you heard them as they u-turn-slash-burn?.”

“ they concede defeat they rise and attack our backs!.”

this is aimed at the neoliberalist, not just the tory,

your ways are destroying our planet,

you’re the ones jetting off everywhere,

you’re the ones that made that glare,

attention is on you, maybe be less of a fool!

the rich want to conquer space!?

“..must be some good gold digging up there!.”

trouble is the only way to get there is to make spare of the earth’s resources,

that’s our life support system they’re dismantling.

they’re not just invaders from other countries,

“..they’re closest to being fucking space zombies!.”

I hope that humanity will learn to be free,

from all this unnecessary misery,

and the comfort that comes from knowing family.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

when were the very first people?