hundreds of years of breeding,
the gammon steak eating,
beer swilling,
fag smoking tory.

the watchdogs bred by the sun,
just need big tits and bum bums.

fed on traditional seed,
violent cop weed,
dirty affairs
and fear of darkness.

attack dogs given their scent,
it smells like immigrant.

not here to give them a roof,
woof something woof woof,
they make no sense,
but dog barks never did.

but what happens
when you don't feed them?

they turn on their own people.

lefty lawyers,
nurses and your daughters,
the homeless
best slaughtered?

chambers of torture
surrounded by mortar.

don't get the psychos started,
they don't know when to stop,
they'll lead you all to hell
and tell you you're not hot.

when did blimp tory
not drop a bomb on our story.

they didn't take our holidays?
they didn't take our libraries?
they didn't take our future?
they're brilliant like flood water.

sorry forgot to mention,
sea levels will start rising.

would you like to fight the foreigner?

or hold your government to account
for not building more in your quarter?

think for yourself,
your master
lost their mortar,
the kindness sinks in the water.

the rich may be starving the dogs