unidentified anomalous phenomena
are not what they think.

what's an alien anyway?
something from somewhere else?

people are something,
human are always people, aren't they?

everything was created, they say,
by what is another question, by the way.

so why create racism?
why create hate?

animal survival instinct anyway.

so is a human an animal,
but what about human animal?

when a dog takes a walk
and understands not to bite.

in your neighbors yard
your cat takes a shite.

the caged budgie that knows
to keep silent at night.

are these human animals?
or the ones that can't fight?

is it a bully
that human wants to be?

or play with words,
as the conmen believe.

hard working people
struggle at best.

their teams colors
accepted second best.

all we deserve is corporate greed,
that's what they sell, I prefer peace.

they're not what you think