they’re a contender, get out of here!

every additional thing they say gets worse by the day!

they pump the depths of neoliberalist catastrophe!

they’re a rot, a weed without seed,

they’re nourished by their depravity,

but what if they’re all the dead cat?

delay, deny, bluster is all cholesterol clot musters!

they’re all planning to be the worst,

trying to save the slime king’s curse!

have they grown hearts?

have they grown brains?

have they become humanitarian?

or have they all gone insane?

watch this farce nightmare fantasy,

play out in the house of tragedy.

braying rabid mules taking us for fools,

like their hand isn’t showing?

we should know by now they only kowtow,

to the god of billionaires, the paradise of escape,

while the rest endure destruction and rape!

when sunak is described as a socialist,

because he’s summoned thatcher’s fundamentalist,

something in the world quite special has died,

the good sense that we were born with.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the swellenman (gone but never forgiven)