that’s where labour could fail,

it’s forgotten that it’s a necessary part of the capitalist system, socialists only exist because government has lost all its tiny little “how fucked up is fucked up” minds.

labour should join the proportional alliance of those that always oppose the right-wingers?

an alliance of left-wing thinkers and other weird and wonderful creatures,

no extremist personality/popularity politics, all boring and necessary to oust the billionaires controlling this farce!

always hold truth of the people to the people in power, isn’t that what socialists are supposed to do as an unwelcome aspect of capitalism?*

so less of a political position, more an ideological one, same as the other one,

the one whose name we do not need to speak, we all know who they are.

where does the last day go,

why do the shadows go when the light comes?

this is no longer a case of the Buddhist influenced nobody spouting nonsense,

this is just an english druid with a Buddhist teacher, English is a group of tribes all living together through football, schools and birthrights.

in the spark of lightning she smiles, she dances and darts in chaotic splendor,

the tears of her unbearable compassion wash the droughts away.

is my house subsiding in the mire of my ignorance, peace be here,

peace be there for everyone who cares,

not by judgement, by nature.

there is the way, the one that cannot be explained, it’s the negation of the way which is the way.

break the mind locks to thoughts, might be naughty of course,

but in the darker places we’ll still find the most despicable of minds.

to know the light of life with its eventual enlightening ending,

the bliss and the emptiness, without judgement or need of rest.

between nature wise and the emptiness lays a middle way down the path to bliss,

the story of the chief of bards is worth a look, maybe?

the world of the internal is as important as the world of the external,

and trees…

I do like trees, the woods and forests,

they’re great in a breeze on a hot day.

some no longer have trees, they have deserts of hard mud and sand,


(or help do if we’re not able to move like most others.)

oh thundergod of the Norse, give it a rest mate, it’s late and I’ve just got the kid off to sleep!

remember the promise you made to the peace you once stayed,

remember the kindness they showed, you were fed,

you had warmth and a safe bed, you found some peace that calms heads.

so what do I mean, I don’t believe in the queen?

she exists I’m fairly sure, I dunno, never saw her,

she’s a person, I’ve seen pictures of and she has some kids, grandkids and some more,

she doesn’t look poor.

you pay her, one way or another, good scam that, that monarchical power,

I don’t recognise it as natural, not as pagan or Buddhist,

I can’t speak for the rest, I’ll leave that for others to peacefully protest.

do I rule as an old fool,

who knew too much after school,

knew pain and disdain by the unnatural desires of those that made wires.

as a prescription I recommend a dose of introspection, this country needs it,

the world needs to rest, stop this killing test.

the air and the rocks are heating up now,

and of course,

the water levels are changing, not great that, seriously.

where’s UKs flood defense, it’s not the foreigners it’s the weather!

lord of all hate you got the proles to gesticulate against non-white foreign types, and europeans.

how could this happen to sensible folk reading the daily joke?

rising to the sun, big tits and sport, beers, hate, and bums.

oops did I say hate, I meant debate, debatable it’s not fascist hate!

the nazis did win a battle against Britain that by the lord of hate mail, look at their history, it’s easy to find, especially if you have vpn.

I hate technology, used to love it when it was 8 bitty, now it’s so easy to spread hate socially.

take a look at this monstrosity of wasted tax money:

… actually let’s not, it’s a depressing read, no self respecting community conscious person would disagree.

lost 11 billion to forgetting to take the insurance out, fire them, put them out of work for a while!

they go on to have lucrative jobs as advisors, public speakers, and worse,

they get honours and degrees in fudge-crackery.

there’s just too much despair, clear the air, oust that hair,

wring that mop-head out to dry,

and before you say frabripants, I don’t mean them.

some a joke, some a stance,

some create hope, most take away chance.

how do we convince the tory dreamers that their world is a fraud on most people, do they care?

do they dare?

I think they weren’t taught to share,

not without a price, you know, those kids, the ones that weren’t nice.

so if despaired over the state of the world, then I cared,

I believe we can still do this, be better,

we’re not like our government, we’re better than this.

vote them out, for all our sakes, your children, on average, will thank you,

it’s not too late.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the tories are always in charge, even in opposition