this is a departure from the usual and so far evolved,

it’s just a series of links to channels on YouTube that explain some of what influences me:

PBS Space Time with Dr. Matt O’Dowd

this settles my mind in a great ocean of logic,

never ending the quest for words that work best

to describe the eye-opening world of the outside,

it’s such a hypnotic way to see external phenomena,

it does make sense (to some extent) to me.

recommended by me as I go for a wee!

History of the Universe

it’s a grand idea, all of it, you know everything,

whoever thought there was everything was so clever,

they clearly thought it all made sense,

it was all such a dense one,

burning out in the end, the most endless of ends,

at the edge of reality, with fine musicality,

it’s all just strings, plucked by our things,

doesn’t matter what as long as it’s hot,

but it got cold and stopped scold.

recommended by them, a bit like phlegm?

Kosmo (the first in outer space)

such a claim, or is it an aim?

either way it manages with grace.

it’s voice over is nice,

it sounds synthesized.

it’s warm and fuzzy ball,

or was it dark and foreverable

(did I make up a word?)

Cool Worlds

it’s cool in two meanings I know,

it seems to calm a hot mind,

and helps to de-stress and unwind.

it’s got “cool graphics”,

“cool effects”,

“and us as alien pets”?

not the last one, but I couldn’t help it,

it’s worth watching it’s popular and impressive.

Quentin Smirhes


(that’s basically it, it’s highly eccentric.)

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Dr. Matt O'Dowd explaining stuff in Space Time is strangely comforting