there’s work unseen,

dark chromium green.

the king of the fae,

spoke something today,

ideas of the terminally stupid.

so here’s some brays,

it may take your gaze:

“..I hear my heart beat..”

“..if I was a tulpa what would I be?.”

“ autistic grieves..”

“..thump your thymus..”

“..does quantum uncertainty explain nature’s fractals?.”

“..isolating lockdown..”

“..what dya call a race to the lowest common denominator?.”

“ could be worse..”

“..most people scare me..”

“..who gets to decide if someone else is a boy or girl..”

“..this is a fight between the right wing and decent people..”

“..I wish my government was boring..”

“..when did you really realise your parents were people?.”

“..why I came to the conclusion it’s all the Romans fault..”

“..has anyone ever wondered what having only animals for company feels like?.”

“ liz we truss..”

“..fruity time loops..”

“..just leave ’em to fight amongst themselves..”

“..they reaps, wanton sows..”

“..what’s your type?.”

“ Elon Musk a time traveller?.”

“..step away from the diseased neoliberalist..”

“..ever wonder if this is the afterlife?.”

“..past for some..”

“ ambiguity is meaning..”

“..there’s always different types of people..”

“..the successful johnsonite..”

“..when I was at school..”

“..phrases phases..”

“..they sold people..”

“..capitalism for the poor, socialism for the rich..”

“..if it’s destroyed so be it..”

“..helpfully viral..”

“..not everyone’s built to be near people..”

“..I’m a Buddhist idiot..”

“..(no title)..”

“..metformin and redbull..”

“’re a bot until you show compassion..”

“ the real world we have something called copy rights..”

“..fae muse..”

“..would John McClane watch Die Hard?.”

“..a mantra of the empowered..”

“ liz we truss!?”

these titles are offered without right of mine,

take them and shove them where the sun don’t shine,

write an amazing piece,

full of shite and wool grease,

wet patches in the undies,

a new fresh breeze,

give me some relief,

something about a fig leaf,

and having fun within.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the untold titles