I’m a fortunate one,

I found my teacher,

not a preacher,

a friend,

someone to commend.

no judgements,

just advice,

with all my vice.

encouraging me to be better,

always there when I despair,

with words that sincerely care.

physical body now dust,

his mind that I trust,

passed into light,

life’s stark daylight.

I was lost,

all effort felt tossed,

then I saw he’s still here,

taking away all fear,

and joking about my shortcomings.

illuminating the darkness,

with light-hearted knowingness,

still powerful in mind,

with a heart of an unparalleled kind,

may you always be here,

and help dispel all this fear,

giving as you’ve always done,

always so clear.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

my guide passed