there's too much right wing
in the left wing here.

the lies and the cruelty
just a political thing.

a game of popular faces,
their mouths spouting races.

the downfall of these few,
the mugshots of the truth.

after dinner speeches is what you do,
silly trump boy overstepped his booth.

see johnson and truss,
they cling on as they must.

better to keep an eye on them,
their destruction is chaotic at best.

I won't attack the lesser of these evils,
less evil seems like a good idea.

political ideology is really quite sad,
extreme views on nothing but poos.

far right, far left,
join to beat their chests.

the war will be pointless,
destructive and wanky.

the rest are now poorer,
because we care for the worst.

keep them in sight,
the tory comes in the night.

pork markets for liz,
pork heads for the fists.

the front is a mess,
brexit was the test.

turns out fascists
make bad government.

who have thought it
foolish old Britain?

this can be fixed,
better get a move on.

the sea levels will rise,
are we ready to fly?

this country might drown,
better fix this with allies.

I gave up on the rhyme,
there just wasn't time.

the message needs to hit,
even if it's shit.

there's too much right wing