refuge is what we need, it’s what we all search for.

refuge may be our family, no matter of our biology.

being a part of the crowd never seemed too bright.

why should we feel inequality for others, we’re refusing our wished for refuge?

refuge is sanctuary from adversaries, this is quite basic.

refuge is what we seek with our desires.

be a part of the crowd, if the crowd does I do it too?

why do we never question our desires, even when they lead us to suffer?

refuge is in seeking compassion in others, finding all to be important.

refuge is wisdom, it is freedom from all suffering.

be a part of society, benefit all with our actions.

why do we only elect for ourselves, when our safety relies on others?

refuge is always being mindful of this viewpoint.

refuge is always the first step on a journey away from suffering.

the starting point to every pathway to everlasting happiness.

why would we choose anything else, it’s our wish not suffer and be always happy?

– Serenity Tsamcho, 2022 and 2s 6d

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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