a law dictionary tells us to look under monster,

it should be emphasised this is a US law dictionary, not UK, yet.

if I wished for my laws to no longer be governed by the EU,

then why are the Brits choosing the US’ as governor?

so brexiteer, why are we favouring leaders who favour the US?

I have met US citizens once or twice, they seem quite nice.

but I’m not American, their TV has some good shows, but I’m not American.

because I’m not American does not make me an enemy, stop treating everyone as a potential enemy, please.

your governments are as shit as ours, most of us don’t trust them.

left vs right, blue vs red, these states and the others?

we have left vs blue, just round the other way,

the blues are more right than red.

maybe a spectrum range of colours?

which do you think, black or white?

up or down, side to side,

in the middle undefined.

when we realise this peace we stay with it,

simple really.

do it more often, more realised actually,

until one day you realise you’re doing it all the time.

now people see people not something other than their kind,

one that has compassion without an agenda.

always a gift, never a loan,

a gift that is given for rights that were stolen.

why do some humans think themselves more important than we?

is it because secretly,

our desire for gold, the homeowner,

the king of their own castle?

they exist because we need to always be better than these thieves,

the ones that convinced us they were there to help.

the old cons, the morons, the thieves, the rapists, the murderous,

they sit in the corridors of power, can’t you see?

they impress their privilege with great chablis,

“..bought with tax money, brilliant, expenses anybody!.”

that’s your grandkids future they’re spending, you great old fools!?

senseless moronic caterwauling of two sided same people,

still stupid, still primitive, still devolving.

little humans, little monsters, destroyers of good sense,

there’s no kindness in those that lead by creating dissent.

they have taken our faith, twisted it to generate hate,

from this hate they can breed good competitive mates, “..eugenics anybody?.”

or should I say buddies, or partners, or forced birth?

this breeds racists, that’s all just more racists,

racists that turn blind eye to rapists, crooks, and liars.

the hungry for power, the desire for more powder,

however they use it, they deal in it, that’s their loser.

if we wish to destroy them from within, we must stand taller,

better than them,

we will remain in great peace and watch them destroy all we built!?

the only enemy of the British people is ukippian, dystopia, fascist, mania, great-replacementist.

the after-birth of the national front nationalist nationalism skin fetish rape party!

“..all cunts, still cunts, just now called tories..”

do you understand? whatever we call tory is to the US a trumpian-biggly-anal-orgy!

bj at the wheel steering the UK into not ok at breakneck speed,

“..I get it, US, you don’t like us, don’t blame you, we should’ve given you independence from the start..”

sorry, but my ancestors had little power in this part,

we didn’t do it, it was the “tory” of it’s time.

once it was a king, a warlord, or a chieftain,

our version is the tory family (failed British adaptation)!

these fools started life as thatcher and her husband,

so bland a token that it deflected from his wife.

she was some leader, I’ll concede to that, if leading means being strong enough to crush Eton!

but were her ideas really right, or just extremist gob shite?

“..a tory is a tory until they realise what a tory has done in their name..”

at which point they experience great shame, the kind of shame that lasts.

from this shame grows release, it’s not guilt now and never was.

when considering the truth, ask both sides which one carries the most?

there’s no sides to a phenomenon,

so as long as you favour your difference over someone else’s,

the mistake has already been made.

if your god is all this, then come closer to released.

strive for striveless, be the master of your arts,

even if it means perfecting the rarest of farts.

be light of the heart, take small favours,

then one day your descendant will look up at the stars,

and say, “..wow..”, in the most wondrous way.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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