don’t get me wrong, I have enormous respect for his contribution to science,

general relativity gives some resilience,

from driving your car using satnav,

driving’s problems to almost halve,

to why we can’t travel to the edge of the universe,

and never know where we end.

this endless cycle of life, breaks under wisdom’s knife,

too bright on my eyes,

too much to advise.

science goes too far, trying hard to explain this, that and the bizarre,

it does great at that, but tends to go splat

on that equation to explain those yous and mes.

the reason is simple, our source is not found there,

in the dusty wastes of the atmosphere,

the empty spaces of somewhere,

if I had a look down in the kindest inner mind,

I’d first find the peace of total release,

from the suffering that won’t let me unwind.

we must develop some faith in the space we can’t take,

in the one we were right now.

when encountering an exchange with the mentally deranged,

be kind because we don’t know quite how.

our ignorance we must know if we want our potential to grow,

all those memories of grief retrieved by my thief,

the one that robs others of pain, suffering and disdain,

the one that chooses service to care for others without notice.

their minds so clear they see us without fear,

they see us for us, they see themselves as us.

we should all aspire to be more than just the floor,

our self-named betters walking on us because it’s us they mistrust.

they think we want to be them, with their ad nauseam,

money and vomit, burning comets,

the countryside is now dust, the ocean’s a bust,


…seldom is heard a discouraging word,

and the skies are not cloudy all day.

Home on the Range, Daniel E. Kelley & Brewster M. Higley, 1871

so Einstein said stupid stuff about quantum buff and cosmological fluff,

Google it, DuckDuck it, Bing-go at it.

not here to explain, gain followers or grow fame,

this old man is just tired of the false gods we admired.

see the old wrong’un torn down,

Britain’s old noun.

no empires here, just a warm beer,

the stale smoke musk and the elephant’s tusk,

in my ear, the crown chatters with brown tory splatters.

confuse the prole, the one on the dole,

the one that’s infirm by their “choice” to be at home,

the cruel thoughts that matter to these bullingdons and batter.

rale them in Eton,

you think you’re so great,

look what you allowed, the demise of the proud.

pride in national PUBLICLY OWNED health service!

not much left to be proud of, they’ve sold off much that we loved,

they keep taking and taking, they will never stop taking,

they keep crushing us down, not quite into the ground,

they need their compliant little workers.

would I advise to stand up, be counted and rise?

perhaps more a sit down, a chained on, and a frown.

you want to take my ability to sit in the street,

with a banner declaring I want to retreat?

I will die if there’s another great war to end all!

we’re getting too old for this shit, this bollocks and piss,

what my grandparents fought for ignored by the leaders.

they insult their sacrifice, their bravery and their lives,

they gave us socialist reforms that ended class storms.

they helped equal people’s health, their energy and their wealth.

believe your liars and mails, they’re both terribly smells.

stop living in their head, it’s time to stop being misled,

dissect their stories, remember tories will always be tories,

(until they’re not, you can change)

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

Einstein did say some stupid stuff sometimes