this state of non-duality,

the union of bliss and emptiness,

to my mind, the complete mess!

breath and concentrate, but mainly breath,

find the peace that lies at the heart of the mind.

listen to dharma as it blows through the air,

watch the dance of life as it cycles there.

life is not constant evolution, it is circle in circles without end,

sometimes there’s life, most of the time just nothing.

this life is precious, we can learn about wisdom,

the teacher is given great respect in this tradition,

it’s important to recognise true expertise other than just a good image.

to avoid the politics let’s just say not everything is political,

if we can start from there then we can avoid stupidity.

if you wish to argue this point then take your place in the queue,

“..stupid does what stupid feels..”

if I see a sign that points to the edge of a cliff, do I follow?

if I read the label of a poisonous pill do I swallow?

if I was to listen to people on the radio or tv, do I believe them?

no, but we do, it’s just to trick the old fool,

we’re not what we seem,

not mud and steam,

not dreams and desires,

not the collection of bits that make up a pyre,

nothing other than bits that live, grow old, get ill, and so on?

somewhere in the middle of that matrix of dissections,

nothing will be found, nothing but projections.

not existing as we see existence,

not forming at all.

no label to cling to,

no ground to fall through,

no boundaries at all,

no short or tall.

no black or white,

no superior or slight,

no mystery or knowledge,

only omniscient coverage.

so where are you now?

“ where is the tao..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

what is this non-individuality?