I will tolerate that cat sitting on my lawn,

mangled rotor blades on my solar powered mower.

a little glade, a swampy shade,

full of wild flowers and fae.

give homes to those that burn in the sun,

let nature bloom and it resumes.

many issues can be resolved by recognising the importance of trees,

less trees means less safety for your kids.

they protect from the sun’s harm,

they give oxygen to our lungs,

they grow fruit we can eat,

they keep the soil in place.

they’re easy to grow when protected,

some are very quick, like bamboo sticks.

grow what your world will allow,

fund it, nurture it, caretakers of the earth.

jail tyrants that exploit,

get them out of sight,

or our futures will be bright with too much light!

if you can grow stuff, teach others how,

mass production has made us stupid,

are we too domesticated?

no, domesticated is not the problem,

it’s our choice to restrict education.

when we close off some from good schools,

we breed them as compliant fools,

to solve this build more libraries,

only the wishes of capitalists have convinced us otherwise.

“..your parents may not understand this..”

“..but the young will have to fix this..”

so we encourage them to be good folk,

we encourage them and help,

stop making “woke” a curse word,

(you don’t know what it means, old folk, you missed the memo on caring about people).

the world is burning,



not dying for everything, some will survive,

“..the humans probably won’t, too big, too stupid..”

help the fae, the little ones that dance and crawl out there,

they can help fix the problem,

they can help make more food.

they help pollinate plants,

we can eat those.

“..but what about my big whoppers and beer can waffles?.”

I draw a blank,

not because of lack of comeback,

it’s just the comeback ain’t polite.

just save the bees, please.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

to save the bees