surely a theory of everything must include the observer and their subjective, sub-objective, or consensus reality.

I cannot help but share thoughts with other beings around me, mine is a 7 year old in a world gone mad, but enough of my life.

why do we so easily opt for the extreme perspective, our own above all others, even though others are innumerable?

find peace in the half opened
half experienced extreme,
find the reality that's abandoned
the wrongly realised dream.

the suffering we experience
is not out there at all,
it's just us that is radiance
without any source at all.

so if I’m the universe but not simultaneously, what does that mean in human terms?

I have a body and mind that understands human things, not quanta or spacetime, give me stories and places of joy.

where did the joy go, who took it?

look carefully and we will see the trail of events that led to this point, the ignorance that was allowed to happen.

lies are just verbal ignorance of reality, doesn’t matter whether we believe ourselves or not, it will only lead to the experience of more ignorance and suffering.

when we distract ourselves with idle chatter, banter and all that, we don’t know what’s going on around us, absorbed in the joy of company.

no matter how fleeting it’s wise to cherish others at these moments, some have no comfort in others, they need our help.

who needs my help, I’m no teacher, sage or handyman, seek help from the experts.

when we’re ill we go to the doctor, when our car breaks we take it to a mechanic, when we feel sad we seek out friends.

some feel they have no friends in the world, what do they do, how can they help themselves when they can’t even see what is written.

beware of those that wish away education, they’re the book burners, the naysayers of experts, only good for themselves and their pockets.

beware of those that wish away healthcare, they’re murderers, the naysayers of healthcare professionals, only good if private health insurance can be afforded.

so I don’t know where I fit in string theory, all seems a bit airy starry to me.

– Serenity Tsamcho, 2022

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

where do I fit in with string theory