the one who shouts

about the inferior?

the one who punches out?

the one who caves in,

confused and distorting,

as their world stops spinning,

nothing supporting.

the superior who admits it,

knows little of ruling,

“..they’d rather flick the clit..”

“..dirty old git..”

“..pants full of shit..”

“ dying in their own mess..”

maybe not so brutal,

be pleasant, be beautiful,

be at peace in your mind,

be kind,

be thoughtful about the pest,

they need saving by the best.

“..they’re doomed to failure..”

“..their castles so familiar..”

“..just fade off..”

be gone disturbed, “..misturbed..”

“..histurbed..” old turd,

they stired, “..they feared..”

be at peace with all things,

“ the shepherd with wings?.”

mara’s out tonight,

to some absolute delight,

just breath, “..old dear..”

“ may turn queer..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

who is superior?