are we sure that what we believe is really there?

think about it, think about guns, get violence, sounds fair?

think about money, get capitalists.

think about leaders, get despots.

would it be too much to suggest,

we make sure the rich don’t control the powerful,

why do you follow these trinket obsessed manics?

the musk of the zucks just about bezos the gates of jobs that murdochs the branson harmsworth.

under the influence of Tony Benn, 2022

do you see, you read, you digest their fear and their hate,

soon your world is full of chaos and coke!

things crashing and burning,

stuff going up in the flames,

of uncontrolled desire yearning,

for the stuff that just shames.

the capitalist desire in stealth has been killing the population for it’s wealth,

your nan sits on a bus inhaling pandemonium,

then the kids, sorry, the capitalist of this mind is very far from being kind.

you have cancer, you pay for it,

your kid has cancer, you pay for it,

can’t afford the insurance, does dog hate you?

loved before marriage, that’s why dog hates you?

loved your own kind, dog hates freedom of mind?

ok, crosses on the right, zeros on the left?

maybe, nutjobs never right vs nutjobs who’re bereft?

two armies of centralists battling it out every day!

give it rest, some of us prefer nature, that ain’t left right or centraluckinest!

plant more trees, if you please,

make England all green and pleasant again.

encourage others to plant more, the answer is trees,

we can grow some of them fast,

mop up the carbon, clean up the dust.

worldwide, more trees, more trees, more trees,

give incentive to those who make money from their brand that trees pay profitably enough for all land.

grow a few more trees and the planet gets to breath,

it’s the same message from the 80s,

the leaders are still doing the same things.

carbon neutral is a start, but carbon negative is where to be,

sucking more carbon from the atmosphere, you see,

and make loads of carbon based things.

cool as in not burning, in case it minced your souls.

I’ll stop here, before I say something unfair,

I’m not a tory, I don’t lie, I don’t treat people as less,

the failed tories manifestation of capitalists despair,

the only goal is to feel sad for the loss,

of all their stuff, that they stole through bluff.

now manifesting their darkness in neoliberalist clap chatters and smirks,

“..look what I did, I fooled the old voter..”

“ for me, the neoliberalist wannabe..”

“..but you ain’t regan or thatcher, always just secondary..”

socialism started its decay when kindness was taken away,

remember, socialism is not a political wing, it’s kindness against neoliberalism.

socialists should be kind, how else do they help mind?

maybe I’m wrong, in which case you must be right [bows sarcastically flippin the cancer tester].

yoda needs a rest, you now go,

go now, take a test,

he’s nearly gone, that’s first battle done,

now on to the rest!

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

strange devil