I’m not a Christian, but I have great respect for the teachings

the olive branch

they’re about love and compassion

asides this I’m uncertain why it sometimes gets referenced out of historical context, I would not do the same to those I follow

what are the teachings of saints worth following that speak of peace, compassion, wisdom and happiness

the important similarities of all religions are all the same, it’s about improving our lot and not destroying without wise counsel

science is wise counsel when it’s about saving vulnerable people’s lives, all religion worth following recognises this wisdom

there’s an encouragement to peace and rejection of profit for personal gain

what does great physical wealth get us but mistrust, resentment, insecurity, paranoia, anger, and hatred, but no peace

have enough for what you need to be at peace, and experience contentment and happiness

give your excess worth to those that need it the most, the poorest of all

celebrating our success at the expense of others is like throwing a bowling pin in the air, it only falls to knock us out

this is what a civilised society does, primary drive to personal profit only serves to undermine this

if you cannot spend it then make it power peace, compassion, kindness, cooperation, and honour

when did the dishonour of being a compulsive liar become a trait to admire, it’s presence precludes the development of any admirable character trait

those that truly follow the beliefs of a recognised religion will know the traits that are to be believed in

what ever we do let’s at least #BeKind

I believe and follow those that show these qualities regardless of belief

these qualities are valid methodologies, they serve to reduce suffering and increase peace and happiness

of course it is all built on the premise that the true nature of all phenomena is wisdom and compassion

peace on a spring morning

it’s as substantiated as a theory as any other basic assumptions, they’re nothing more than implied by observation, this is science

– Serenity Tsamcho, 2022

what's with the saint stuff, does it help