a rich entitled person grows up to be dangerous deluded demagogue

stock image of running from the sight of something probably, maybe he farted, maybe he is like everyone else and doesn’t like to read stuff

demans demands dictatorship

narcissists nastily gnashing

f***s flying like pigs

watch as the gammony Icarus’s bake in the heat of the sun

watch them take all their gold, what use is it to grow food and build homes

diamonds are just hard rocks nothing but imagination grows from

stock image of someone attempting to throttle themselves, suffice to say that did not succeed and is under the supervision of a trained health professional, and didn’t even have to pay for it, yay

imagination can come from seeing a flower

imagination can come from the clear crystal of a night sky full of nothing and stars

we have been destroying this for nothing more than metal and carbon

we’ve plenty of carbon locked up, let’s keep it that way

stock image of the earth propulsion lab in Norfolk, they’re attempting to move the earth with big propellers farther from the sun to compensate for rising temperatures, so far with little success or sound theory

when trees that made coal lived, the earth had no ground microbes or fungi, they didn’t rot, they just stayed there and dried out

the earth locked away dangerous levels of carbon for us many millions of years ago

we now release that toxic level of carbon back to the world, earth is in the mood for a change of supreme animal

are we really prepared to abandon the most amazing planet we know of because we destroyed it’s habitats

we’re a force of nature, but also the possessor of that nature

stock image of Fart the dog, he was named Fart by a human child that he lives with, the child was only 4, the lesson here is that a 4 year old children should have a say in naming stuff in the world, it so much more fun

not possible, the possessed cannot by definition be the possessor also, it defines itself and is therefore a circular argument

btw, circular arguments do not further understanding, they only serve to maintain potentially invalid perspectives

what is invalid, am I invalidated because I’m invalided physically by arthritis and mentally exhausted by allistic craziness ruling the world

stock image representing a sacred festival of the Cenobites, here the candles are formed from the fat of the body that the flames burn on, the hot waxy plasma sears bloody streaks through the skin of the new born Cenobite, they all cry out in exquisite pain

am I angry about it, where would that get me, more pain through wishing to see more pain

it would be good to live somewhere there was no unnecessary pain for any living beings

this place of supreme peace of mind, for ourselves and others like our families and communities

stock image of an ancient sign in immaculate condition, modern scholars tell us that it was once believed that it was possible to own land and make other people pay just for living on it, I don’t buy it myself, way too far fetched, no one would believe it

those that understand the importance of community, are also usually the most disadvantaged by those that seek to divide it

attacking the poor for a narcissist is a never ending task, until the poor are backed into a corner

the saddest part is that the poor are always the majority group under a fascist government

stock image of an alien base thousands of years after a massive earthquake shifted the crust and caused one side to sink into the ground a few meters, no one was harmed and their descendants act as tour guides around the ancient site

they always start on the foreigners first, this is the greatest majority of people on earth

then they turn on the disabled, encourage racial divisions, rejoice in misogyny, relish the taste of bare-cheeked theft from the weakest, the slap and laughter from the lord and master

is that what Tories are, or are they really slaves to their own lord and master, the King of the World

stock image of a visual representation of two old men acting like children dissing each other in a playground, this is a photo of one of the homes, because they’re poor and have no roof, shame on you

you worship at the feet of a representation of everything you despise about corrupt government

this is right wing, right

or is it left

is it patriotism

is it protectionism

if so then good, but this government has overbalanced into right-wing lunacy, fascism

don’t joke about sending innocent people to a known dictatorship with human rights violations

don’t even dare to take our human rights

there are things that lurk in the dark corners of reality that are always waiting for the right moment to jump out and scare the shite out of anyone foolish enough to read my words, understand them, and still ignore them, I know, I found them, I take notice of my heart now

dehumanising the poor, the disabled, the not-white person, foreigner is what narcissists in government do

narcissists will support fascists, and will support death penalties for dissenting

you’re not prepared to be their slave, then stop voting for them, join up and fight back with your vote

I like to keep these conversations quiet, like my pics but the writing is a bit loose

it’s a controlled looseness

stock image of a stock pile of backside buffing paper, often used by nanny on the bot bots of little JRM, she has never retired, he just doesn’t know how to do it without ending up with shite everywhere, idiotic man

anyway, don’t vote for fascists and those that support them, simple really

left, right, center, yellow, green, red, blue, black, white-washed

I hope that I entertain, I write how I speak in my mind, it’s entertaining me, and isn’t that the only thing that matters

the old are dying of illness, cold and hunger thanks to the king of this island

the children are being sacrificed to protect the tyrant

you wish him gone, then vote him away

stock metropolitan image of a scene at a party held by narcissists, enablers, fraudsters, sociopaths, sycophants, and the deprived, enslaved, and damned

this is for the true blues, claim back your rights from the one that really stole your children’s future

they deceive you blue, they ain’t really blue, their red, white and black

they ain’t one of you, they’re traitors in your language

we believe in the rule of law, no one including the monarch is above it

shielding the liars, the thieves, the murderers, the excuse of incompetence is starting to look very thin now

stock image of the word sensible, apparently this is a symbolic representation of sensible, Chris T. Onabycke, what’s the internet good for, absolute bs

it isn’t the radicals that need to take action it’s the sensible folk, the ones that like clear skies and the sounds of joy with family and friends

maybe a pint or two, but this is just a dream, not at £7 a go it ain’t

bribe the electorate with cheap booze, that’ll get the old chap going, hah

it’d kill me, please refrain from violence, thuggery is not a good look on sensible folk

ahhh, it’s a suckling baby red squirrel, that’s a symbol of our island, we should make it our flag, who’s with me

radicals are absolutely necessary, they’re visionaries, right or wrong they like to create stuff

why do the Brits dislike the arts, who told us we couldn’t like art

we like music, that’s an art form

we like comedy, that can be an art form

we like photos, that’s sometimes said to be art, at least that’s what I say

what’s art, wtaf, idk

stock image of Queen Victoria, this was when she was trying out a new approach to entering her throne room, Albert didn’t like it, not enough bumps, curves and rings to play with, keep it family friendly

just remember there are exports worth getting rid of, like the stuff QVs lot stole from invaded countries

maybe we could export some people too, like the ones that really caused the mess, the rich men back to their benefactors lands

send them home, they invaded us long ago and are still trying to “King John” the lot of us

come on land barons where are you, come send a real message to the pretender to the throne, you’ve got a treaty, remember

boot the pm out of office, out of the city, and maybe he might just decide to boot himself out of the country

he won’t be alone, he’s got a few friends he needs to take with him, they’re not welcome either

they’re possessed by the possessor, they’re destroying the very ground that feeds them, the water that hydrates their spirits, gives them someone to rule over

stock image of Halarlinee Dipede, the singer/horrorwriter, they’re enduring a bath of orbeez and smeg, it was to promote their 2019 album “It Couldn’t Get Worse”, they’re now playing pubs across the bleak district, they’ve seen stuff

they’re idiots at best, morons sounds good too, but criminals sounds more accurate

there’re a few honours that need to be rescinded your majesty

there’s the matter of embezzling tax money from the treasury that needs to be clarified

there’s just so much stuff to choose from, I honestly don’t think any of us have enough years to prosecute every single one

oh but wouldn’t it be glorious to witness a right wrongun getting their comeuppance

stock image of hustlers celebrating a milestone in their long con, so far they’ve managed to defraud 10s of billions from hard working poor people, they’re just about to devise their next step, distract with fascism and take the marks human rights

maybe we could just concentrate on the biggest one, the lying, the partying while families were suffering great loss, apologies are insufficient a penance fool

you go now, the blues are after your head, would you attack your own army, foolish beyond belief

why is it every time I first look at this I read “you got tits”, this is my page three, don’t work does it, lame arsed feel good nonsense, pull the other one it’s got von klinkerhoffen

– Scia Vetala, 2022

dictators, faes, narcissists and pigs (not the last one)