Aol, HOROSCOPES, 2022 April 24, β™Œ Leo the πŸ™€, q & a with myself, the couch and my mind

stock image of the magical quality of having a bare backside mooning the audience

Wealth might be calling your name!

πŸƒhope not, the rich seem to be assholes

I bow to the enlightened mind, not because they are rich but because they know the true reason they’re rich, generosity

New streams of income could be blooming, and it would benefit you to make space in your life for the blessings that you may soon be receiving.

πŸƒ at present most of my most important lessons have come from someone I care about dying

the answers are coming to my question of why all the suffering, turns out it’s deluded minds

There must be somewhere to put the new abundance that you’re welcoming in, especially if you’re hoarding old keepsakes from negative or draining relationships that are no longer taking up space in your life.

πŸƒ you mean sell you my old stuff, my memories, my physical acquisitions, presumably at the knockdown price of my child’s future, your mind is too transparent you need better defenses than that wise man, don’t equate my grief with weakness, I will debate and I will win, death walks with me

Let go of what no longer resonates so that fresh, positive energy can move freely around you.

πŸƒ er is my only answer to this, simply err

“why am I here, and wtaf has she stuck on me, I look like a total bellend, I bet this is because of that thing I did that made her shout at me, I don’t remember what it was but I’m sure she’ll let me know next time I do it”

πŸƒ why do I answer these this way


I’m a fool, I recognise I’m a fool, I believe in foolish superstitions

I don’t walk under ladders, superstitious fool

religions are full of brilliant stories, absolutely entertaining, horrifying, awe inspiring, and enlightening

our lives are as fragile as water bubbles, a venerable teacher told me this

but to believe that the thing you read actually happened with no physical evidence but a book, this is not fact this is a story

wise stories, but teachings must be recognised in the context of our times, not the time of the writers

without this simple recognition no scientifically valid conclusions can be reached

this is why religion and science don’t agree, arrogance on both sides

stock image of a boxing match in which the goal is to push the other guys nose into the flatness of their face, the winner is the one that managed to flatten the nose the most without killing their opponent, and sometimes even if they kill them

thinking more about who is right, who wins, who claims victory, and who wallows in defeat

do the animals win anything

does this help

do humans win

only human arrogance, greed, and destruction has won in this meaningless battle

if you wish for more of this you’re in the wrong place, I suggest you Google “ways to make money at home”, there’s loads of reasons money is craved by deviant minds, the oppressed only want food, homes and human rights, human rights are the key

do you believe in demons

do you believe in ghosts

do you believe there are cryptids

if you do, then please be careful, the rest will think you’re suffering from a mental disorder

stock image of a group therapy session, the person with their back to us is being studied by Dr Eviff Lansbury and Dr John Smith, so far their conclusion is folie Γ  deux, the person is their case worker, Dr Andrid Manplanner, she has concluded they will fail their probationary hearing

maybe they might think that it’s a good way to keep us under control

uneducated plebs

the uneducated are easier to manipulate, this is what leaders do, I prefer to rely on guides and their books, and the importance of free non-partisan secular education for all

I wonder what that’s supposed to mean

leaders are only experts in maintaining their leadership, other than this they’re usefulness is questionable

seek out the teacher, the guide, the one that truly brings happiness and peace

remember, call me a hippy, and my hair spikes up and burps

– Scia Vetala, 2022

is death a terrifying appearance, or a beautiful rest