I always thought of Monty Python as quite left of center,

but series 3 looks very right wing, 1972, Edward Heath pm.

a tory that fucked up the country and managed to convince everyone that it was the left wings fault,

it’s clearly an old tory tactic, what would happen if the left did the same back?

it’s called subversive, controversial, radical, dangerous,

on what basis do the tories have, other than their expert opinions,

sorry, anti-expert viewpoint, see history of the Gove.

I just heard the cry of professional thieves, the nobs, they’ve got all the wealth,

the city hats, wellies and flats,

they own all that, and hike the price up in combat.

that’s how the rich buy us, they make us buy back our land at profit to neverland,

not a place more a bond between bonded and bondaged.

our lender and mortgaged,

if you’re lucky, banks won’t even do that now.

at what age will the next generation gonna become home owners,

what happens when a particular minority gains overall power?

we can see that the elites like to play with their bits,

they play with our bits, and we laugh and we cry,

we beg them for more of their tax money, cuz they paid the most!

of course the rich pay the most in absolute terms, a small percentage of their wealth is still more than we earn,

is this fair, or don’t you care that your privilege grants you tutelage?

if you want medieval england then give all your wealth to the land barons,

the banks, the land owner, landlorder.

the common don’t matter, it’s cash that makes them scatter,

so get their cash through threat, mistreatment and neglect.

they don’t matter, they’re poor,

“..their humanity doesn’t count, they’re worth less than a discount..”

right wing thinking at it most capitalist stinking, and blinking,

through the darkness of their realm, dark and empty of connection to reality.

they see little in others, other than mistreatment and favours,

back hand here, a fruity handshake there,

a snout full of Colombian snuff, they’ve gone left old boy!

they only sell to the left wing now, boy!

little BJ of etay, not at all gay, just school days?

“..he did what to a pig!.”, allegedly.

it all started with a bigot and ended with an idiot!

from gb to bj, what a downfall, what a giveaway,

we’ve bought it for so long we think it’s normal,

it’s not.

when you ask, please, “..I have to sneeze..”,

let the herd be infected, then kill off the defectives?

trouble is they become the source of your corpses,

not out of spite, malice or hatred,

it’s because it’s a fucking pandemic,


they’ve got tired of us now,

“..make us money plebs..”, twat in a hat.

“..I’ll nick ya stuff!.”, mad as a couple of nads.

“..I’ll make your kids ill..”, death secretary.

“..I like ordering people killed..”, the wicked witch of the smirk.

“..they’re not human, they have animal rights..”, Frankenstein’s monster in a suite and a tie, but with empathy removed.

“..I’m just one of you, me at the pumps, me looking like bollocks..”, chancer of the non-dom, no-pats-expats, go shit cash.

“..let the bodies pile high..”, all away to the sky,

big dog, begone! you’re not welcome here no more!

outstayed his time, by a few decades I summise,

a class buffoon, greatest bully in the room.

that Johnson, the charming suck up in the room,

charms the ladies with small esteems,

has the best stories for the little boys.

banter and batter is all this cretin knows how to blather,

some swooned at his fat tune (blurgh)!

jolly old security risk, defender against spaffing,

unless it’s his stuff that he’s spaffed!

the grovelling toadies he surrounds himself with,

listen only to him and his massive big chin!

have I finished my jibes at him, not yet.

I feel I should be more self-aware, out of respect,

respect for the tiny Buddha at the PM’s heart that is trying it’s best to break the bugger out.

he’s a despicable man, but I don’t wish him harm, a custodial sentence would create calm,


© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

a moment in recognising right wing satire