the tories and monarch are some of the last of this empire,

I’d prefer a pre-norman pre-roman monarchy, a chief (non-gendered term, we’re not French).

I’m not sure that anglo-saxon is something I admire?

why start such an inflammatory fire‽

spiritual preference; Christianity is not my religion, I relate more to pre-roman Celtic systems,

something’s not fair here, there’s a massive difference in air:

the rich have never been so rich, while the poor have never been so poor,

the system is broken.

the people who do the most nowt have all the money, power and clout.

they now wield it with aggressive determination,

a joke turned personal.

tories joke about those that have less than those, punch down old clown, the hole you dig is your home.

invite death to the masses, the fools kill themselves,

driven to unmask in the boris-embers of musky negativity.

“..the expert is wrong, the idiot is king..”!

promoted through failure, he’s been fired for less than this!

they keep him, tories are ridiculous,

always have been, just look into thatcher’s eyes of the 90s.

look at old blair, sir blair of the charmed hair,

is bj the same, all smiles hiding disdain.

just listen to Gyles, he enters, amuses, and smiles,

and he revealed that mps loathe seeing their watches.

remember, if you’re not one of them, one of those in charge,

then you’re the rest with so much less.

they took too much, sometimes 41 times as much,

remember, if you’re one of the rest then you’re a worker, that’s the test.

workers will be pressed by their employers without solidarity with the oppressed,

the daily main-stream-media are wrong winged,

always are when they oppose you and the Gurkhas.

I show my age, I’m not old I just remember every experience I’m told,

I try to learn from my mistakes of pride in my takes,

dump the news, bbc, you’re no good actually.

“..public broadcasting..” you say, looks like propaganda for the state.

looks like that nice sir oswald has changed into hitler’s bumhole,

rather than churchillian in his admirers!

big shite is alright,

he don’t care if he’s liked,

he don’t care if he’s churchill or mosley!

btw, I had a blood test someday and the results are just in,

apparently the gp no longer takes appointments???

no staff you see, not striking just resigning,

private health will kill people like me,

the disabled apparently?

I couldn’t afford to live to be as old as the queen,

I don’t have that kind of cash!

so if I’m to be executed by the tories and their electorate, then grant me one wish?

that my son gets to live in a good world.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

that 1000 year norman rich itch