the labour leader (KS) may not be a socialist by the definition I hold to, but he is a more restrained personality, this is more appropriate.

is yellow ED a big personality, no, he leads a party that often finds itself in the middle of the action without overall control, unfortunately they also often side with the wrong’uns.

be a little more socialist LDs, it’s a good look on a decent toff, but remember where your money comes from.

make sure it’s aimed at doing good for the majority of people, don’t be popularist.

popularism is not a good political tool, stop looking for the popular, look for the sensible.

our country is imploding, make the right call and go for the other one who doesn’t seem interested in being popular, just right,

is right right,

is left wrong,

is heads tails?

the truth is not malleable, that’s pretty much it’s definition.

the virus tore holes through people’s lives, they suffered, they died alone.

read about a true story of real heartbreak, I understand the hole left by a widowhood too well,

mine is for another time, this is the story of others.

to speak of my own suffering would be a monologue that could take a long time,

how does an autistic who has masked since they were about 6 take the mask off without everyone pulling them apart for telling the truth of their suffering?

I don’t mask often anymore, too exhausting, if you dislike me for it then you dislike me,

fair enough, I probably don’t like you either, let’s agree on that and be civil.

stop the aggressive minds, everyone is suffering this shite from above,

above is defined by below,

sky is defined by land or sea,

sea is defined by the land,

land by the sea.

the seas are rising btw, a coastal town in a low lying area is not a good long term investment,

disaster capitalism again, robbing bobbing barstools.

fat brained gussets,

bacon shafting baskervilles,

murderous criminal convicts, proven by judges in high courts.

why are they still allowed to be in charge, why are we allowing them to be in charge?

this has nothing to do with parties, it has everything to do with the massive fucking elephant corpse in the corner of the room!

COVID has not gone away, it’s still reinfecting people over and over again, this is happening, it is real.

ask the scientists, the experts, the virologists, and all the other ones that have doctorates and degrees in healthcare, listen to them.

The National Covid Memorial Wall, we remember always,

like we remember the Holocaust, we remember that fascists did this.

we remind the young of the atrocities perpetrated here so the Tory hordes go back to the darkness they came from,

I use tory in the Irish sense,

tories are thieves, liars, and criminals!

tories aren’t conservative, they’re thugs, barbarians, horders of wealth, uncivilised, law breakers, machiavellian is too nice a word for them.

we vote them in, it’s their protection racket, vote for us and your area gets enough money to make it pleasant.

isn’t pleasant what we wish for, peace and happiness?

how is it right that they get pleasant while the majority get fuckle!

it’s not right, boundaries have been messed with, FPTP don’t work, it’s creating a dictatorship,

a one party state, like China.

is that what you want, if so continue your left-right fighting,

leave the rest of us out of your petty squabbles about who was right and who was socialist.

the right won that battle, but as it has chosen a circular path it will destroy itself!

the war is always won by true socialists, in the end they’re the only ones who don’t screw people over.

you say socialism is about taking all the money away from rich people, it isn’t.

if you believe that you’ve seen socialism when you looked at the USSR, that wasn’t socialism.

some say eco-socialist, a true socialist is always eco.

when you look at the USA and it’s freedoms, it hasn’t unless you’re a rich one.

UKs the same, same deluded mould.

how I detest the invention of empire, it’s one of the most deviant and sickest of political systems,

maybe those that express that they want empire again should be psychiatrically evaluated.

they’re possibly psychopathic, narcissistic, sociopathic, kleptocratic, megalomanic, autocratic, porn-at-work’o’matic, criminals!

empire and racism are two sides of a many sided turd, together they serve to ensure the white right arses are wiped by nanny!

racism is a two way street between one racist and their delusions, whatever you fire back is an attack, whatever they do is in defense of some kind of shite!

then the snowflakes cry blue murder when someone calls them out on it, can’t call a bigot a bigot can we GB.

they’re all so high on tory confetti, partying, thought we’d forget about the parties, criminals!

people are still dying of COVID, this is still happening,

some say the figures are dropping, but only hospitals are testing now, of course the figures are dropping.

we still have very little idea of the long term effects, people are really being debilitated by this, this is serious!

you got fed up wearing a mask, maybe we should start wearing beaks?

maybe the devils need reminding who always wins, where have the greatest generation gone, we need your spirits now to fight the fascists at home!

they say they’ve taken our right to protest, what if we all protested at once, what if we brought them to their knees, what if we overloaded the system so much it broke, terrible idea, do it and you’ll bring a new terror!

vote them out, vote them out, vote them out!

rotten old tory, playing with his toys while wifey keeps home, laughing partying drinking while those that trusted them died.

“…the conservatives will look after us, they always have…” said the life long blue as he was wheeled back to the nursing home where he and his friends died without any family to hold their hands.

those that cared as they held the hand of the elderly as they passed away with nothing but a tablet to say goodbye to their loved ones, they died too.

the health care professionals that lost their lives to save people with COVID is deserving of so much more than the contempt this government shows them!

the death secretary blaming the staff for causing it, this is totally unexceptable!

death secretary 2 showing wanton ignorance, arrogant contempt of humanity!

culture muppet flailing in the wind of her leader’s farts, no imagination, couldn’t even change a few words, stupid muppet!

a pm that allows all this to happen simply because he needs us all to be distracted while he parties!

the come down from this party will be a very heavy one, it may require a lot of solitude and soul searching, 25 years minimum should do it without parole.

richy richy sunlands, uplands wifey, don’t keeps her money in Butlands… Butlins!

the home secretary is at best a study into how fucked up is fucked up, at worst the stuff of hellbound nightmares!

who could forget that imbecile selfying herselfy all of social media, while trying to stoke the fires of war, idiot kindling!

they all partied in their own way, all the rich and powerful dancing the night away, eating dead cows covered in gold leaf!

jetting off here, there and nowhere!

why do we put up with this 1960s propaganda bs, this isn’t fucking James fucking Bond, zip-wires and dolly-birds!

covfefe anyone, little gits.

my grandad was a big fan of the word git, it demeans whilst avoiding obvious insult.

the pm is a git, a supreme git, a git beyond any imagined top tier git index, he needs to git now!

we need to gradually roll into a socialist democracy, not left and right, but consensus.

my father was always about the consensus, god rest his soul as they say, proportional representation before any political ideology.

society must adhere to this consensus before any fair play can be assured.

shall we throw away the rules to sports, wouldn’t football just be a brawling match between two gangs?

tennis would just not make sense, as wouldn’t cricket.

rugby would just end up it’s own butt, no one should be allowed to watch that at work!

tory politicians are not following the rules, this is a bad thing, or did you forget that rules are there for a reason, fascist!

I read many things, I can’t remember them all, but I hope I’ll get a chance to tell this story to my grandchildren, safe and secure.

…and not a tory in sight, peace at last!

remember tory is an insult, a curse word, far worse than a cunt, if you claim it you’re worse than the worse!

– the son of loving parents, happy childhood, and solo parenting 4 years due to cancer, 2022

a story of other