just because I survived this long it doesn’t mean it will continue,

history teaches us that no phenomena is eternal,

I will be gone one day, maybe before we hit 50 degree C,

I will be glad to be free from this.

but for my child I feel remorse,

I should’ve done more to stop the multi-billionaire multi-national multi-massacres over there!

it’s each of our responsibilities to choose the correct path,

the path that leads to a better future,

not the final downfall of the age of humans.

drive your cars powered by fossils,

fly your jets to blazing hot futures,

leave all our children the ashes and embers.

space is big, so big, it’s not worth trying to explore it,

at least while our planet burns.

solve the environment for all living things,

replant what is needed,

use the sunlight, reflect it, convert it.

bring the winds to help power our conversion,

we need to slow down unnecessary wants,

seek answers from experts,

the most powerful leaders in the world need to do as they’re told!

in the past such power would kill us,

but what happens when the people have little to lose?

some die, some hide, some fight.

do we believe in a deity?

good time to pray to be saved?

I’m in a human world, this is a human mess, one of human’s last tests.

so humans will have to solve it,

all humans must be guided to this.

if we pray to the sky without sitting beneath a tree,

we expire there blown into history.

“..cancel all debt, collapse the capitalist system..”

would that be so bad?

what if we opted for democratic green socialism?

this was never the ussr,

not the rise of the reds,

“..those commie bastards!.”

these were never socialist countries.

they were dictatorships without democracy.

if a buddhist was to comment on this, they may say,

“..stop disturbing me, my thoughts are away..”

so if politics means little to me, why do I bother?

I have a child, their future is my cover.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

as a buddhist I would not wish to think this