the rulers of these strange countries,

placed profit before people,

soon they faced unions of underpaid security.

their leaders were usurped by tribal sports-alism,

everyone supports a sport, is it unpatriotic to not?

in placing the question, what sport do I support,

I shrug and say I don’t know, sport doesn’t interest me at all.

they look at the hair, the beard and the stare,

assuming me to be one of them,

instead they get glares that see their own end,

“ wonderful, blissful, finally a rest!.”, x.

“..there’s a chief with a past full of grief..”

“..I don’t take orders, I listen to friends..”

how to make friends is a wonderful thing,

cherish it, the wisest wing,

as one who is devoid of this natural ability, it’s precious.

as I type I find that my mind is a bit longer in thought,

as I ponder the unobservable quantum support.

“..results are coming in, I’m not the singularity after all!.”

thankfully not, I’m not a bot.

I’m just an array of infinite capacity.

“..what, that meat bag, that bile carrying collection of worms in drag?.”

if all I see is myself as what others define it to be,

then that’s all that I will ever see.

do others need to be patronised?

“..I’d like to see what happens if you tried!?.”

probably a dead version of me,

“..yeah, you seriously don’t want a dead version of me..”

“..imagine the whispering shadows you’d see..”

“..would I haunt all humanity, always have done, it’s kinda where I come from..”

I would advise against this darkness,

it’s hard to get back from,

“ I need help?.”, it’s ok I don’t need humans to help,

I have my mind doctor, he’s the greatest teacher there’s ever been.

“ sure that your guru is right?.”

come ask me, I’ll gesture towards them.

I pray that my words make some kind of sense,

but I suspect not, I’ve not met much that get what I’m getting.

if they do make sense then I hope they help,

“..if not then bog off and fiddle with someone else..”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

it all started with charter cities