are you on this political spectrum?

some say everyone is because everything’s political,

not everything is political to many though.

some people don’t question if the cake they eat is vegan,

some don’t know where their stuff grows,

or even how anything flows.

our oldest ancestors would be shocked to see us,

they’d be amazed and scared at what their descendants became,

burners of the world,

caring nothing for their ancestors struggles,

or their descendants futures.

“..we want to go on holiday, big capital boss rewarded us..”

working for what?

to the future of who?

“..our children you fool!.”

so stop pumping pollution into the water,

stop greenhousing the air,

stop gouging holes in the earth to release her wealth.

like burning the roof and floor to keep yourself warm!

in a different world the technology evolved in balance with nature,

it was slow and in this it’s wisdom grew.

population was stable because of good maternity care,

people grew old and accepted life’s truth,

some grew older than methuselah,

knowing the cycle has always been,

and the cycle will never end.

some knew the greatest of wisdom laid outside of the boundaries imposed within them,

they guided these great people to enlightenment,

now these people are extinct.

all passed beyond sorrow,

no longer in our world,

gone forever, the last of the thousand.

soon it will be time for us all to go,

leave a legacy of kindness as the only thing the future knows.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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