I may have noticed a bias in a TV show’s editing

I doubt the responses of some people’s answers, they’re simply edited away by a deviant

misogyny is like this, it’s not tolerated in polite company

try doing it in front of the queen, I suspect she doesn’t like it judging by the view of her generation, I would not disagree with this reaction

I call for the monarch to be allowed to be political, freedom of speech should surely be the queen’s right

not run as a candidate, just allowed to be publicly critical, I would be happier funding such a thing if this were the case

sadly it is not, the monarch has chosen out of duty to suppress any political opinion, after all she’s seen, I’d like to hear what she really thinks

what will they do, depose her, rid the country of monarchy, doubt it

the government relies on the patronage of the monarch, but in our post-Cromwellian coup d’état have we lost something about why we liked having a good monarch, not a quiet one

too many skeletons in that cupboard, just one more might cause the doors to fall off

why flip back and forth, monarch and government, the power and the hand that wields it

here we have a monarchy that is trying to be good, but still has skeletons of it’s own

the next one had better bring better repute upon the institution before it’s supporters all die of old age

the young don’t vote, don’t vote conservative, don’t like hateful views, respect and respectful

how old am I, depends who you ask

to some I’m a child, doesn’t really understand the importance of good fiscal policy

understanding that what you do as consensual adults behind closed doors is your business, not mine

gossip is a terrible distraction for a spiritual life, I figure give no gossip and don’t take any

gossip is a subtle drug, available for the price of communication, clickbait

a moment on the lips a lifetime on the…

not going there today, today is not even haunted by the memories

no voices just peace, a serene view, a sense of family and love

they will always help, but must know who you really are, still love you, and care

for some that is an elusive situation, some don’t have family that’s estranged, some have none at all

it’s among the images I’ve seen in my time, that photo of a burning child running, dark history, something to be horrified that people could do that to a child, look for the child that is treated this way, make them stop

back to traditional values, but what are they, the things our folks believed in and supported, like empire

empire may have brought great wealth, but it always brings far greater suffering for others

empire teaching must be balanced by the negative effects globally

left unchecked our planet dies a little more, and us with it

unfettered capitalist thinking is illogical, scientifically it’s bollocks

if the universe is conscious then what’s it’s experience like

if it’s conscious then it’s a living being too, very big, very old, and possibly lonely

it didn’t create us, were basically the same stuff, possessor possessing the possessed

see how it’s just circular, I belong to me may belong to we

now say that last part as quick as possible repeatedly to someone you want to freak out, I’d advise practicing it, hah

anyway, I reckon Bridget was cut off by a misogynistic editor, scandalous from Ch4, stop pandering to the fascist overlords, you’re the peoples channel

– Thom Mithowlin-Brow, 2022

who edits Taskmaster