“..workers, workers, we need more workers..”

“..have families, more babies, it’s what they want you see..”

“..we’re our baby makers, they’re worker factory..”

“..into economic slavery..”

“..decrees of roman means nothing to me..”

“..I’m not a believer in their faith..”

“..Jesus on the hand seems pretty cool..”

“..I’d liked to have spoken with him, understood what he said..”

“..so I suppose I do believe in Jesus the human, the wise one, the socialist..”

“..this monstrosity of corruption feeds their greedy hearts..”

“..use your faith to make you hate others is no faith worth following (imho)..”

“..they need labour to fulfill it’s promises to keep the workers coming..”

“..if the labour choose to stop, who’s fault’s that?.”

“..so unions, you’re labour, you oppose and be elected..”

“..as true labour, not the theft that deludes out all grins and starry eyes..”

“..wise up foolish man, you decimated the band..”

“..unions of the drums, leaders of the workers..”

“..HEY DINGLEBERRY! you wanted capitalism, socialist driven unions make that happen..”

“..you get the workers and the worker gets treated like humans..”

“..the clues in the name NUB-SUCKING-FLOPNUT!.”

“..disaster capitalism, are you a believer, hey rich folk are you destroyers?.”

“..fund socialism NUMB-CRUBS!.”

“..please don’t take offense..”

“..I am weak and disabled..”

“..I suffer from the need to drain away all the energy..”

“..when the energies there I know where to tear, where to go..”

“..I want peace, leave us all in peace..”

“..go enjoy your shares..”

“..take them up the stairs..”

“..get the old oil and snout..”

“..bj of bj in the foreign office..”

“..needs to be ousted, we’re suffering, come on labour, support the worker!.”

“..isn’t that what it’s about?.”

“..support the work you will have mandate to do what you want..”

“..support the disabled, they matter otherwise what the fuck are we about!.”

“..support your drama, your books, your songs..”

“..support your stories, your libraries, your pop charts..”

“..your people, your land, your country, your world..”

“..hatred will only lead us to pain and despair..”

“..I’ve been there, in hatred manifesting in here..”

“..the window I look out is unmasked without mandate..”

“..if only we looked for the truth rather than the lies..”

“..vote for the truth, not the liar, not abuser, or the popular..”

“..vote in someone sensible, a grandfather or a mother..”

“..maybe not, what their qualifications?.”

“..they didn’t go to private schools, they didn’t go to oxbridge..”

“..they never joined a bully’s club..”

“..they didn’t get blowed by their dolly..turd..”

“..it all started from there, a blown kiss from down there..”

“..barf, hurl, chunks..”

“..she’s gotta be mental, look at the flabbering great burk..”

“..used to look like benny hill, turned far worse than was right..”

“..more than misogynous but actually proud of it..”

“..the buffoon now slumps, like he’s playing with his lumps..”

“..look at caligula’s dropped nut as it rolls out the hut..”

“..gobble of custard turkey laced with that old whitehall snuff..”

“..labour please, stop being a tosspot and back the unions, it’s your only fucking job!.”

“..who pays, the rich pays, the magic money tree can drop big wodges of £37b failure of a joke..”

“..them that took all the resources for themselves, they pay..”


“..but just the right amount, ok..”

“..ensures there’s an opportunity for all to be rich, make education to past the first degree completely free for those in poverty..”

“..just work it out, it’s not the racists you want voting..”

“..it’s the disenfranchised, in and among them is the biggest vote share going..”

“..gain that and you will have mandate, not the left, central or right, but the rest!.”

“..stop it please, the party politics get tiring with ease..”

“..if I was wise in my choice why do I still hear her voice?.”

“..just a thought from the past, but pointed to kindest..”

“..if I were rich I would pay all the tax that the people needed..”

“..my people matter, as much as my family..”

“..humans are so much better than the modern holography..”

“..project the world of their dreams and they’ll work harder than bees!.”

“..for the small drop of nectar the queen allows us to mother..”

“..my mother is human, her mother too, and earth is the mother of all life that lives on her too..”

“..socialism is the only way forward, without it earth dies, remember that it’s green..”

“..green leads to red and flowers for your head..””

“..yep, there’s the fucking hippy, the dark hippy with the staring eyes..”

“..darkness creeping in from a mystery..”

“..why does he destroy all our parents made?.”

“..fought in wars that kept us free from fascist tyranny..”

“..so what do we say, ok?.”

“..it’s in your hands, drop the daily fascist, make sure you vote..”

“..don’t care how you vote if it’s not for the blue..”

“..vote green if they’d win, vote however that you wish..”

“..just remember the tory will always be a tory, a thief and a liar..”

“..and will never be your friend..”

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