it’s ok, I’m not trying to advertise anything, socialist, Buddhist, fame or anything else.

I watched a selfmade fortune person’s ad just now,

it was interesting, but as a scam this is how I’d pull it off…

first I would say that I'm very rich indeed and offer the means to get rich, cuz I did!

I'm not, I'm not really,

I'm fortunate enough to have what matters:

compassion and love,

are part of the truth, the other is wisdom,

"...without it we have hippies and mud...".

the terrible lie that the stranger brings,

look they're human, but "...look at their skin...",

the unconscious racists sparks in the uniforms of sharks.

please believe this old fool, who was taught nothing useful at school,

I'm a Brit, and I tried to do the right thing, it died.

the loss that it brings sank hard into my skin,

ripping the pain out and the happiness with it.

please don't let love and compassion for those who are in need,

become the memory of a mythical story of hell and destroy,

or worse the memory of a world of peace, love and joy!

inhumanity seems to be the way we want to go, why?

are we mad, old man, with your gammon and burgers,

" the street they spy with their cowardly eye, a woman with clothes and a baby, she's a scrounger, their opinion..."

they wrongly deduce, it's the lies that we allow to pass is the death of democracy and the birth of tyranny,

this is what they did, they allowed us to be racists, are we proud of that?

a bigot's a bigot, remember when that's the worst they couldn't say?

we became outraged that a pm would say such things,

but the bigot was wrong, they both were.

bigot had a point, made badly in haste, bigot isn't how bigot's known by bigot fans,

bigot was incorrect in bigot's gramma and words, this is a strong case for more funding for education and training!

failure to represent the views of all people proportionally shows contempt,

contempt for minorities, part of their core policies.

they breed this contempt for the rights of all people,

through supporting dissent against the enemy, they say it makes sense.

these people in charge in contempt of their charge,

abandon the needy, the old and the hungry,

make us all feel the pain in the end, they're on a hell-bend.

I don't plan to go with them, let's protest by striking,

make us stop, you'll need to commit to the most horrendous of things,

like mass genocide, hiding it as relocation in Rwanda!

Christ on that bike again (soz),

the fascists did it again!

it's rising in Britain,

better stop it, old bean,

there's little else unseen?

"...if he's prepared to do that then what else would he scat?.."

could be? maybe.

a coffin large enough for all the old folks he'd seen (off)?

first there's the old and unproductive, not the rich ones though,

then there'll be the young ones who see the cruelty themselves,

they think the bereaved will turn away?

they're wrong, they'll stay,

after death stares and will jump up the stairs,

the corner ghosts whisper the dreams of the most.

they're followers now stare, blank eyed and dead hair,

limp and taut, they glow in their torturer.

followers of fascists, "you hear the cries of the old dears,

you know the ones you killed through parties and boos?"

of course they know, they just don't want to show,

given the remit to commit the final solution, fuck it!

this fear that they grow, grows slow now,

they know.

if we let them get away, say one month to the day,

they might just bugger off!

go now clown, your brand is tainted,

old fiend, we've bled enough, can't you see?

we call on whatever gods,

give us a hand down here, it's terribly sheer,

we need more beer, everyone the gods want beer!

let's all buy them a beer, over 67 million pints,

make them drink it in one night!

what a party that would be,

or the horror of the drowning,

warning sent.

this is dark thinking you think,

maybe I stink at the sorcerer's trick,

I tried to hypnotise the reader to believe,

the bullshit I read
is the truth
to the powerful
that's not mine to give.

so what of the meaning?

liars lie, thieves go stealing.

is that hard to see because they have money?

are you 3 watching ads of TV!

of course not, you're grown ups,

voting for political scraps from the secretary.

first secretary to the virtual.monarch.autocracy.

I digress, as I do, back to boiling that stew:

the best I can say is I'll go unnoticed en masse,

just a sad person who lost their love to a time past.

that was a good stretch, time to sleep, time for the welcome embrace of apparent oblivion.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if we take what selfmade fortune presents as true we'd only have to work 4 days a week max