well they wouldn’t have wings if they had no eyes, that’s an evolutionarily dead head ache

in researching an upcoming paper titled “what have tardigrades ever done for us”, I happened upon some species that became extinct about 488 million years ago

for some reason I became interested in archaea, some are extremophiles, fascinating how some life forms manage to survive in such conditions

tardigrades are considered extremophiles also, if you had a microscope you’d see them

do tardigrades live in my body anywhere, shocking thought, not by eating them, they turn to poo poo

why does so much of this universe manage to scare the bungle-bonce out of me, while inspiring such awe in it’s diversity

living beings, life forms, everything else, all impressive and mindbogglingly old, big, and terrifying

imagine an extremophile-like phenomenon that predated organic life, but crystallised a template for development of the latter

no evidence would still exist by now, even if it did happen, we’d have to find a planet that died before organic life was about to take over from the crystalish-forms

did they think, were these forms acting as a communication system for the surface of a dead planet

could the various formations of planetary constitution be a form of life, moving, repairing, rarely but it did reproduce a moon and one day may get jiggy with mercury

could the earth be defined as an animated inanimate object, showing signs of self ordering where no self is being perceived, a kind of form being (as opposed to a living one)

such ideas exist in Buddha’s teachings, the realm of the form gods

how can the earth be thought of as a sentient being (broadest of terms), does it have mind, maybe it’s dreaming of something lovely, best keep her sleeping, she doesn’t turn green when she’s angry

it has been posited by some that the whole universe is conscious at some subtle level, dunno about that

imagine being a form god the size of a whole universe, you’d never be able to scratch that buttitch

diplurans would’ve gone extinct immediately had they developed wings before eyes, simple logic, duh

I think humans are waking up mother earth, she’s the most dangerous thing to be near when she wakes up, do we think we can win, oily boily gammony gluttony

see what you are doing, think about your children, this is a message to the super-rich, the millionaires and billionaires (maybe trillionaires, barf)

please help your children, their future will depend on the earth’s life support system working, don’t be foolish about space, where do ya think you’re gonna find up there

flights of fancy, you can’t travel fast enough, safely enough, or have technology to do this affordably, the resource requirement is destroying the earth’s life support

she’ll be back to a lifeless celestial body, battered, scorched, and meaningless

with no one to perceive her, she will cease to exist, no memory left, no writings, no teachings, no teachers, parents, love, or compassion here

all that was earth bound human gone forever, no one to group it with all the other lost worlds

how can we take this torment any longer, the endless cycle of suffering, all that’s born here, dies here, forgotten

that’s if you believe it’s out there, the universe isn’t some abstract object out there somewhere, look within for answers to suffering

this is the realm of experience, this is what we know, trying to avoid inevitable suffering, whilst longing for peace and happiness

find a good teacher, look at their qualities, do they offer compassion and wisdom

look up “compassion” and “wisdom” and “Buddha”, it will make sense eventually

– Serenity Tsamcho, 2022

diplurans do not possess any eyes or wings