1. (of a city, company, university, or other body) founded or having its rights and privileges established by means of a charter.
“the town’s celebration of its 800th anniversary as a chartered borough”
2. (of an aircraft or ship) having been hired.
“eighty journalists were flown in by chartered plane”

Definitions from Oxford Languages, Google, 2022 CE, 12022 HE, sometime in a asaṃkhyeya kalpa

should I use a full stop, why

should I leave myself open to interpretation if I use all punctuation

what if I typed like I knew what I was doing, ok

So here is my sentence, in a paragraph, listed according to logic, getting vaguer and vaguer, until finally an overly long sentence reaches its final data point.

Is it a strange thing to write?

Do you prefer it when I type this way?

Does it satisfy the gods of grammar?

Now what's the other phrase people use, "grammar nazeleses"?

Dunno, stopped listening at this point, I think my mind hopped to an alternate reality for a moment or more.

I started to realise that grammar precision is very important to some people, they control the precision of knowledge.

Maybe someone like a scientist, healthcare specialists, some philosophy of science, teachers, guides maybe humanists?

I am not a humanist, I prefer a broader scope than just humans, I prefer the discipline of Buddhadharma. It encompasses all living beings rather than just humans. Why do we choose such cruelty towards other living beings?

This is our ignorance, our unknowingly wilful actions of cruelty and it's suffering effects. When we expand our view on who is worthy of our kindness away from ourself to every living being, we have taken a big step away from suffering and towards happiness.

- AT21, Merthful Shadows, 2022

“I can’t keep this up”, punctuation takes too much out of me, soz, back to long comma-ed sentences, written by spoken interpretation, spelling mistakes and other lingual fuckery

hang the writer out to dry, some cry

don’t care, not here, just a shell puppeteered by someone else now, the old us’ have gone now, that moment will never be experienced again, on to the new

why do we resist change so hard, change is what everything is doing all the time, even at the most subtle levels

I paused for a long time just then, my train of thought left this universe far behind and travelled to a peaceful place for a few minutes

I’ll tell you about it sometime, so what does chartered mean, and should we be concerned about it

it’s just another label that actually accounts to nothing more than that, see more truth to power, destroy the demons within before even attempting the ones we think are out there, give more power to truth

cryptids, my arse, bs bollox, cryptids can become, remember the delusion of the tulpa, be careful giving form to allow a demon to take over, it’s inside us and nowhere else

we delude ourselves in thinking our experience is anything more that mere appearance to mind, more than a label we gave something we experienced

this is delusional, as when we physically or philosophically misapprehend what we experience, we experience suffering

when we’re cruel to others, we always eventually get our comeuppance, we know it in our bones

imagine a mind that doesn’t imagine hell, imagine making a decision so awful it has killed around two hundred thousand people in your country, this is a humanitarian disaster

a humanitarian disaster that is happening within the UK, did we deserve it, no, most of us have never supported our government because we have a fptp voting system that can be legally rigged to ensure the continued rule of the tory (thieves) party

hotly contested by hm opposition, why not capitalise hm, doesn’t mean enough to me to care for it’s continued public funding, anyway the lovely labour party

didn’t capitalise on them either, tribal reasons, I prefer nature over restrictive nurture

you know what I mean, fascism

I’m not saying don’t vote for the red roses, but for some, we prefer the whole green of the flowerbed it grows from

if you understand this then you must think this is a good idea, how can we have labour when there’s no ground we can grow or mine from anymore

be kind to the planet with all its variations of living beings, it will look after us if we can stay calm and pursue peace with all our hearts

– Tsamcho Scia, 2022

what is chartered