Coriolis virtual force is interesting when viewed from the O’Neil cylinder

apparently you lose weight if you travel counter-clockwise, clockwise you feel heavier, everyone will be walking left rather than right

I lose weight if I go left (in an O’Neil cylinder), why would I go right, I like being lighter

imagine that, build body strength going right, but feel better going left

human body strength does not make us live forever, it never will, it’s not it’s nature to permanently exist

it’s an impermanent phenomenon, it’s born, it dies, simple

there has to be a greater truth that all phenomena share, their common ultimate truth, wisdom apprehending concepts, no

what is common to all phenomena, what quantities do they have, or more precisely don’t have

they have no inherently existing quality, all simply supported by another, seemingly a virtual network of causal events spanning all directions in space and time, just information

time without comprehensible beginning or end, space with no obstructions, clear in all directions

this looks idyllic, a place where all that can be known is known, with control over where our minds go perfectly, sounds like the best lucid dream

is being aware of this wisdom deep in our hearts enough to free us from suffering, I look forward to seeing the evidence one day

we should all want to see this evidence, we should all want to experience this freedom from all suffering, we should all want to experience this bliss

if we don’t then we can’t be sentient, all interpretations of living beings point to a mind trying to avoid suffering and find happiness

just words, labels of meaning, here happiness could mean more children, more money, more consumption, more of everything we want, want, want

it’s our ignorance that we don’t know where lasting happiness is found, in pursuing peace of mind, everything else just follows

see someone suffering, offer them food, offer them company, offer them happiness

see someone happy, rejoice at the sight, rejoice at their good fortune, rejoice in their wisdom

are they happy for the most fortunate reasons though, do they relish in misfortune, rejoicing in others suffering

as an aside,
please recognise that the bully-beef-flap in charge of the UK is a bully-beef-flap who revels in chaos and others misery,
he loves to deceive,
gets him hard in the house,
don't give him the pleasure of your mouth,
he chooses to play us as tools,
if he's in charge then we're all fools,
left/right, leaver/remainer, across all classes eventually,
king of the fucking world

anyway, I remember which way was left when I was a child because my left palm had a mole just inside the little finger, it’s almost all visual memory in me, surprised I can remember how to talk

– Basilissa Garanteter Domflomuble, 2022

which way is left