what crazy are you thinking, anything can be monetised if we believe it.

I could monetise what I write as an nft,

metamemic.nft I own, it’s a symbolic representation of what I create,

I am a human trying to pass the counter-Turing test.

thing is I relate better to Turing than most of the people I know,

don’t get me wrong, it’s not intelligence that I mean,

it’s the beat of the fan in house on plague island.

it’s the darkness in the corners of my dimming vision,

the echoes of jawbones rattling in my bonce.

the peace of the freedom that wisdom brings,

the wisdom of the ones who exhibit no suffering, they are to be followed.

do we think our leaders are free of suffering?

look at their faces, their power over us,

they who burn my child’s future.

but they injured me with illness, plague some say,

but the plague started long ago at the birth of the first capitalist thought.

this thought, may I hazard, is the thought of the first psychopathic leader,

the one that could see others as objects for them to play with.

they think they’re gods, didn’t you hear,

they think themselves better than the wise.

maybe they need to face the truth of their whole existence, it’s built on lies,

like building your house on sand.

to them a lie is a temporary truth,

this truth they convince themselves and others to think.

capitalism is near the end of a bad dream that started thousands of years ago.

to get rid of it we must understand that socialism exists because of capitalism,

when someone exclaimed they could get more gold than the rest,

a stupid game once played and we took to our graves.

even religion is tainted by the stained glass of the paid,

the gold ornaments that bring awe to the poor.

it may sting the ostentatious, the wealth of a people,

in our faith (we all have a faith*) we find that which we consider most important,

maybe ourselves (wif), family (yay), society (yay), law (hmm), prime minister (cnt)!

maybe we prefer guides, spoken with great skill and kindness,

remember kindness, the thing we used to try and do at Christmas, remember?

the press told us who to hate, we practically begged them for filth,

our craving for outrage makes us feel alive, but WAIT!

look! little ducks waddling by, lack of patience is what expired their requirement!

cruelty exists everywhere, according to the internet,

there’s no kindness out there, it makes us stare,

the neighbourhood seems fair, with good humour and understanding,

after all, “…good neighbours become good friends…”, blah blah blah

anyway (**), just say it’s worth money and it’s worth money,

it just needs the right marketing,

marketing auto-inflates, gobshite auto-fellates,

making money from nothing means money is worth nothing.

maybe in gold? nah mate, you want a bit of crypto,

that’s where it’s at, lots of nerdy birdies destroying the planet with graphics cards!

gold it is then, maybe platinum, definitely lithium.

but what about a real product, a physical thing, stock?

some share my experience of shares, nothing much, I just avoided the ones that were destroying the world.

if not then disaster strikes, the demons of capitalism,

the hunger for power, greed for wealth, them ignoring the screams of those thrown into hell.

be watchful of the ones who want to be king of the world,

why are they giving him the power to do this?

let the tulpas refrain, from the edge of my world,

we spark out the stark in a vacuum of dark,

the lairs will now depart,

crawl under the porch,

up their stairs,


in the pm they stamp loud,

in the pm the darkness creeps up,

in the pm the faces jump out!

the tulpas they make, so powerful they break their creator's potatoes,

remember, old bean, that what we've seen as a people,

will live long in the memory of bad ones,

their names will be associated with death, famine, pestilence and plague,

this is their legacy, they only cared for themselves.

so, not everything that can be monetised should be, so don’t do it, it’s bad behaviour only fit for a fool!

* “we all have a faith” refers to the thought that we could redefine faith as our own personal assumptions, including science and religion.

** subtle tribute to Graham Chapman, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, first series.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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