we can threaten and challenge the buffoons,


we could outwit, outmanoeuvre them, or maybe make a joke out of them!

come on BBC where’s your satire to placate the lefties?

where’s the “Yes, Prime Minister” or ministers or something like that?

it looks like the government think we’re opting for the first one, we’re not like them though,

we care about our common goals, to be free and happy.

isn’t that what brexit was all about for the just over 50 percentile of some piss poor turn out,

but that’s all the fascists needed,

to convince but a few that the sky was theirs too.

believing their lies, myths and legends was fun,

this lot understands nothing of great loss.

the loss of the love that kept hope alive,

they are now prayed for by many that suffer,

that humanity would do the better to protect life.

all life is alive, that’s important,

if conservatives knew what conservation meant they’d protect all people.

maybe stop giving weapons to war criminals?

maybe work out that it’s our bombs that are being dropped, people!

our government allows people to sell this advanced weaponry to those that will pay,

sounds like effective disaster capitalism, imho.

sell them the guns but deny any outcomes,

“..buy me those shares that are doing rather well over there..”

there’s big money in watching Britain spatter,

splutter, fall over and break wind!

come on British entertainment, do your job for the people not those they hate!

where’s the satire, old aunty,

I expect subversive, controversial, juvenile comedy,

especially right now we’re under a far right wing kowtow!

you there, bbc compere where’s the snide little kicks at tories old bits?

you’re supposed to appeal to the masses,

no innovation, no future, bye bye bbc, bye bye bye.

I was all out of tears long ago, you’re unwelcome right side is now smiling,

and waving your hands up to the sky, so beguiling!

nazi sympathisers are there, in our government over here,

the rich shits and their media off bits.

they helped enable this fascist tory regime,

of selling us lies to line their bloodstream.

they’re vampires, of course, Boris Johnson’s a vampire of sorts,

he suckles the kindness dry and moves on to the next tortured cry.

“..got his babes in his skirts..” smirks the burk,

like a mopped haired Beatle wannabe.

if the pull-out method needed more explaining then just look at what not controlling it can do,

old Johnson’s old johnson should’ve ensured there were no more Johnsons.

but shangri-la is a myth, a legend, but what of Gandhara?

strange thing to say, I only had a go at B…

Gandhara was a place in what is now northern Afghanistan,

it was a Buddhist city, it had a king.

now all we see are broken statues of deities,

they may have been destroyed by other people’s beliefs.

it’s long gone now, but it sounded really wow.

so you see when we take stance against we,

we allow the destruction of plain decency!

fuck me, how can the ever polite, push your bike, British folk that vote sensibly,

vote for the people that scare them the most impressively.

the enablers of fascists are cowards!

stand your line, must be polite, like old union bulldogs, like Mike (Mick).

no comment on him, he seems like a polite no nonsense bloke,

proper protector of peaceful strikers.

fancy the premiership?

don’t get me wrong, he seems like a man who’s honest,

so why spoil it with false promises.

honesty is fundamental, indispensable, unmovable to leadership,

in the hands of the trusted, the country flourishes.

in the hands of the thief, we’re all busted!

so if somebody still votes for them bollocks, THEY NEED HELP!

they really do, their disease should be there to amuse,

not shy away fearing for your life.

we’re all the same people, we were having a go at being British,

but little england spoilt it, it took too much and it fucking destroyed it!

thank you prime minister blue jobless,

I don’t like the blues at the moment.

come to think of it I never have done,

must be something about the joyless fog-sun.

I do like the greens, so essential to everything,

“..without the trees we all go..”

so my political party is green, but it’s not my dream.

my dreams are darker and more extreme,

the fire that burns at the end of the eon.

no more humans, no earth,

big red sun blew it into the cosmos.

so remember that one day the earth will be gone forever,

this is the reality of life on earth, it’s very fleeting.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

there's always two types of revolution