truly the answer to all your problems

just watch the interview, you’ll see how impressive they are

they’re truly the greatest of orators, with their whip-like wit and charms

how to seduce the audience and treat it like a woman, big dog, take their money now before they realise

he scats along on his turdibus and flies

fly now before the audience realises

bye bye gravy train, bye bye

bye bye office parties, buy buy

bought by my grandparents, stolen by the scrongles and pishooks

blueberry ties with old wooden minds

tighten that tie round the obsolete, and go bobbing for apples at the feast

they tear down our family, we take it, WE TAKE IT

so weak are we of the psychological terrorism in our midst, we know who they are, and we know they should go, so go

what do they want, us to die for our families for their accounts

tick off another piled high, that’s more for their holes, pigholes

so he waits and he waits, can’t resign, won’t resign, he’s done, just done

done with his lies, scripted and broken

done with my hate, scuppered and dying

they laugh at us all, the weak, the feeble, the ones that are disabled by cruelty

they helped make this disability, their callused smiles grimace their pleasure at seeing their power

how I hate them, and hate me for hating, I hate them for that

my hatred just spins while my heartbeat slows

my breath is now saved for those that speak meaning

my time is now saved for those that are important

the carers that dedicate their lives to others, beaten down by the rich at the top, for their fun no doubt

bully beatened barebacked brunswicks

can’t canny cannot see you next Tuesday

so what is the point of surviving if we give all the power to our enemy, the disasters

– Smillon Harvdeboon, 2022

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