I don’t like talking, it’s not my preferred communication

I can do it but it takes its toll, I don’t do it deliberately any more than someone who is unable to walk due to nerve damage

everything’s a service industry in this country, it’s a very difficult world for someone like me to live in, it takes it’s toll

I appreciate those that can do it and enjoy it, they’d be no actors otherwise

a well crafted story of drama, thrills and horror, and facts

I prefer the facts, I get the drama, thrills and horror are of interest primarily for some people, and that’s fine, cool

thumbs up for the brilliant piece of theatre the twitters like to conjure up (hearts actually)

the webs of intrigue conjured up by culprit clowns out for a party

are all parties the same, no, some are bigger than others

the smaller ones represent a section of society that never has a say in the democratic process, progressive alliances are the only way for these people to have a chance of being represented

wouldn’t it be wonderful if our press, leadership, monarchy and government all proportionally represented ALL of us

so monarchist keep their monarch, republicans keep their money

nice try numbnuts, if you want a monarch you pay for one, leave me out of it, privatise the monarchy, eliminate mandatory subscription to this

if you wish to privatise all the people’s assets then why not the monarchy

King Arthur (the First), but more probably King George the something, Charles is a sticky name for the monarchy

I would prefer a king whose title means little to some people, they don’t need a monarchy, why should they pay for it

the problem with this argument stems from the argument that healthcare is optional and no one should pay for something they don’t use, fair or not

some say it’s fair, I say it is not, who’s right, right

this argument is faulty to the spiritually minded, although sometimes I wish there was a magical king Arthur who could fix all this shite

the hope of monarchy, such a seductive fantasy, how we wish our dreams were true

NOT MINE, you wouldn’t want my dreams to come true, they’re oblivion in the subtle mind, you’d better find a better place than my pseudo-portents and shadows

monarchy or government, ditch monarchy, make government proportionally representative of all the people

the press, who’s leading who, right wing press governing our government

don’t sound right, does it, it’s not democratically accountable, unless you believe the free market is actually democratic

the free market requires money, money is unevenly distributed, so some have more of a say in the system than others, it’s not democratic

try again, make sure the press and media are banned from being owned by foreign nationals and non-doms, make sure they pay all their tax here and don’t squirrel it away in tax havens or subsidiaries

we wanted out of EU because that very same press (from all political demographics) stole the narrative with deception and cruelty

the cruelty only really came when the deception was complete, those that believed cannot be blamed for their mistake

forgive them, bring back unity against the power of the oppressors, the fascists

do I risk writing this, I have no intention to insult anyone, the delusional mind is my enemy, and the suffering it causes, that mind I attack with all the energy I have left

I see everything from the perspective of an autistic science graduate (+some) Buddhist

I’ve been a combination of these beliefs since I was 20, that’s the very early 90s

I’m not ancient, but old enough to be the father to someone 41 years younger than me, it’s a different world to their generation, it’s their world

I ponder our world, how we can fix it, how we can sustain and be at one with it, we either side with planet earth against it’s enemies, or we die at the hands of the four horsemen

but how do we battle such uncontrolled minds, we find peace of mind

I like training the mind, this is the only thing I’m gaining control over

so what sort of industry should I work in, sell my belief for profit, barf

what about if I sell just the iconography, barf

what about not

so the service industry is all we have, really, talky talky talky people, oh how they trigger me to say something dark and sinister

can’t help it, it’s not deliberate, it’s my uncontrollably senses, autistic ok

– InkeyString, 2022

service industry is for people who like talking