sometimes I am in the company of people who tell jokes that seem to rely on cruelty to a known race, religion, culture, identity, gender, blah, blah, blah

I understand the joke, but I don’t laugh, it fails to engage my interest

give me some word play, without the hate, mate

show me your language, what it means, how you think, NTs are fascinating creatures, maybe Attenborough could do something about them

the BBC license would be worth that to me, any nds out there reading my nonsense

deliberately perverting the English language, like that’s not what you’re supposed to do, bellenda

why the fuck should a sentence start with a capital letter, don’t get it

I can see the point of most punctuation, but full stops, question marks, and exclamation points are just not required

I rarely exclaim, and if I do I prefer to SHOUT IT at you

when it seems like I ask a question, it’s usually questionable as to the agenda I’m holding

so my question is not a question I ask the reader, it’s a statement to myself

me, we, you are all the same to you, we, me

so if I asked you a question about us, or them, it’s a triplet of self

self is a label given to a specific stuff, depending on what you think you are

I am nothing but a label given to something that cannot be found logically

as it is logical, it can be replicated, it is an experience that can be communicated to others by highly skilled people, not me

follow me and you follow a human who questions if they’re really human

this is a mental health issue, some may think, but you have to prove that I’m suffering and need compassionate help

but I can mirror, I don’t even realise I’m doing it, what you see is only yourselves

some of us developed this way to communicate, because we do not find spoken language very effective, soz, phonetic sickness

how do we communicate between each other, we don’t, we’re alone, NTs special measures, stop the non-verbals (total and partial are valid), we can’t tap into them

they just stare at each other, don’t they, or is that they don’t stare, don’t ask why some of us prefer not to stare

too much information some say, but I do look people in the eye, it’s not always welcomed, I see this subtle twitch

the smallest flicker of discomfort because they’re starting to realise that I’m actually trying to work out what they’re about, I look away just before this point

it’s taken a long time, still trying to perfect the half opened eyes and smile that hides the fact that your existence is confusing to me

why should I hide this, you do confuse me, all of you, I understand most of you by the crazy arsed stereotypes you’ve created for yourselves

remember, I, you, we, us and them are all the same to me, you, we, us and others

anyway, I don’t get racist, homophobic, misogynistic, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic, jingoistic, nationalistic humour, but each to their own I suppose

if you do like this humour then I would not wish to impede your journey, those embers of empire won’t stoke themselves

however, as a side note, there was a vote amongst countries once to ban nazi/neonazi glamourising, guess what all the countries that had been colonised by European empires voted to ban

Europe mainly abstained

some areas even voted for the right to be nazis, very disturbing behaviour

they abstained, Europe, why did you abstain, it’s a dark thought if you can’t answer the question, isn’t it

what amuses me about this is not the suffering involved, but the stupidity of the perpetrators

they continue their empire games while most of us are trying to survive a pandemic our leaders are too chicken-shit to admit they don’t want to fix, LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS

all the time we’re trying to survive this we’re being whacked from above, politicians crapping all over us

just stfu and do what you need to do to save the people from environmental damage, it’s the important one NOW

all politicians and their acolytes are grasping at the straws of the old ways, they no longer work, dognut

it won’t be the socialists that’ll get you, or the eco-warriors, todnuckle

it’s the planet that’s out to get us now, what do you plan to do, how’re you going to tame the planet, hey gobshite

I remember someone who read a holy book saying that man (sic) was put here as guardian of the earth

do you think dinosaurs used to think this, or were they too stupid (sic)

were they so stupid they couldn’t even save themselves from extinction

said the descendant of dogs/cats as they described the extinction of the hominids

what was the point of all this, to continue to evolve into better beings, I think that was the message, good message, well done

– Zippy, 2022

some jokes I don't get, some I get but are considered too dark to laugh at